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 Getting to know you~

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know you~   Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:57 pm

Laun sat down on the bed and brushed a hand through her messy bangs to get them out of her eyes, "So you slept with Roel?" Her hand stopped in the tangled geen mass as she thought again of the events of last night then blushed a little and rubbed her hair more vigerously then plopped her hand on the sheets. "Ah! Those boys are to tricky. I feel like we fell so easily into their trap." She sighed and stood to find a towel, "My granfather would kill me if he found out I was sleeping with some boy over a school trip." Laun paused then turned to look at June with mischevious eyes, "So~. What did you two end up doing?"

Yogi turned his head back to glare at the guys, damn, if it wasn't for the girls not knowing he would have just not told the guys and let them be late for the meeting. "Assholes." He slammed his thumb on the button to call the elevator and ignored the pair not to far from him.

Roel didn't pay the kid any attention as he went to open the door to their room, pulling a key card he had slipped into his pocket. "You'll never get anywhere with that melon girl. Why don't you go for someone more easy like that Lynsey chick. She obviously wants some part of you." He laughed and walked into the room to get ready for the meeting.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know you~   Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:57 am

June hadn't thought of the planning the boys must have done. Those scheming little jerks. She dug angrily in her bag and finally felt relief once she gripped the bottle of Tylenol. Roel did mention at the train station something about them sleeping together and he had gotten what he wanted. She paused for a moment, holding the bottle close to her stomach, but he had also apologized for it and had been so careful and sweet while he held her. She blushed and shoved her hand into her bag and scrambled all of her belongings. 'Boys!' she thought bitterly. It was hard to tell what those boys were thinking. They were an area that June had never explored. Academics never covered matters of the heart. She was pulled fro her thoughts at her friends question and a deeper blush tinged her cheeks. "Absolutely nothing!" She snapped clearly embarrassed and grabbed a towel and retreated into the bathroom to avoid further questioning.

It would be easy for Roel to say that he wouldn't get anywhere with the girl, since the only thing he might have see of them at the party was the constant rejection he faced. He massaged his jaw in thought, when they had been alone in her room she had shown a ferocity that he hadn't expected from her. He chuckled and recalled what she had ordered of him, perhaps he wouldn't give up on her so easily, but he wouldn't rule out his other options. "Yeah, we'll see" He muttered and entered the room to get ready.


The meeting had gone quickly and Dorian stood staring at the sealed list of clues in his hand. "A scavenger hunt?" he asked and he flipped the paper over in his hand before holding it up to the light to peek at what the first clues might be. "I haven't done one of these since grade school" He chuckled and he slapped the paper against Roel's chest, not wanting to be the clue bearer any longer. The students had branched off in to groups of four according to their class. 'A team building exercise is what they had called it, 'It was going to be fun' they had said, and in five more minutes they'd hear the starting bell.

June stood in her group still in a haze about being up so early. Of course they would ask them to perform physical activity when she was...hungover? Yes, that was the proper term used by young people. If she didn't feel so crummy she'd be a little excited. It had been a new learning experience, and even if the results weren't so positive she enjoyed learning new things.

Cason rolled his eyes when the teacher had walked by to pass out their instructions. "How is this fun?" Ignoring the teacher's instructions to wait to open and read the clues Cason did just that, his brow furrowed at the words on the paper. "This stuff doesn't even make sense." he glowered.
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Getting to know you~
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