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 Trish ( s c i - f i )

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PostSubject: Trish ( s c i - f i )    Wed May 29, 2013 9:30 pm

Patricia (Trish) Elizabeth White

Name: Trish

Age: 32


Height: 5'8”

Weight: 135

Body type: Muscular and toned.

Hair & Eyes:
Golden blond hair that is a close color to her eyes.

Scent: Prefers fresh smelling scents like melon and cucumber or fresh cotton.

remaining family: Dorian (24) Father (56) Mother (Missing) (53)

Personality: Trish follows all the rules and she doesn’t appreciate when someone tries to break them. She keeps all of her things neat and orderly due to Father instilling strict rules on her and her brother when they were younger. She keeps to a schedule and it takes a lot from her to stray from her plans. She takes her work very seriously and rarely slacks off. The only person she'll even consider taking a break for is her little brother Dorian who she is very protective of. She does have other hobbies besides work, she enjoys reading history books, working out and watching old science fiction shows. Like her brother she listens to classic rock, but she prefers female rockers to bands like Metallica. She tends to come off as very cold, but if someone remains persistent to get to know her she might open up. Otherwise it's very hard to become her friend.

History: Trish's father was always in the military and because of this the family moved around a lot. Her father ended up getting deployed, leaving Dorian, Trish and her mother at home. When he finally returned home he was haggard from the war. He wasn't as lighthearted as he was before and he had developed PTSD. He started acting out and began fighting with everyone over the smallest things. Dorian's mother couldn't stand it and so she left, leaving the two kids with their father. Dorian's father blamed her leaving on the kids imagined unruliness and then demanded they follow the same rules that he had to while he was in the military. The house was to remain spotless, they had to be up by dawn and there was a strict curfew. Trish got off easier since their father's new target was Dorian due to his resemblance to his mother. When Trish finally turned 18 she left for the military per her father's request. She quickly moved up in rank due her father's teaching. She hardly had any distractions since she was never really that approachable, people who had tried quickly giving up. It was hard to become friends with someone who only focused on work.
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Trish ( s c i - f i )
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