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 High School Characters

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PostSubject: Re: High School Characters   Mon May 25, 2015 9:01 pm


Driver: Charles
Mother has blond hair
Nickname: Playboy (Many people), beaver (laun)
Teases Dorian about his over protective sister. Is also scare of said sister but always fights with her.
Quick to anger
Likes: Old temples
Dislikes sweets, not getting what he wants
Has a scar on his shin from climbing a tree when drunk

Plays baseball and volleyball
Horrible in science and history, not very good academically
Curious, brave
Nickname: green girl (roel), cucumber bitch (Claire), green fish (bay)
Dislikes bitter things
Rarely gets cold
Grandfather collects monkeys
Walks home with June the days that she doesn’t have afternoon sports or when June has her tutor session
Doesn’t know Dorian turned Lynsey down
Thinks you have to date before kissing because Arianna told her the benefits of dating is you get to kiss whenever
Wants to know if Dorian’s room is messy or clean

Member of class council: President, meetings twice a week
Likes: Studying, cute things, French cuisine and pastries, being on time
Dislikes: Missing class
Makes lunch every morning, will make bentos
Thinks Abbi is odd
Hates Roel’s crooked hair
Gets tutored by Roel in Physics at cram school usually, sometimes in the library at school.
Habbit: Tucks hair behind her ear when she is nervous
Doesn’t like violence
Warm brown eyes
Nickname: Junie (laun), Nerd (mean girls)
Doesn’t believe in gods
Got kissed by Roel at the temple during their school trip

Throws together something for her lunch each day
Likes: Junk food, video games, boys
Calls Roel Roel-Kun

Member of class council, meetings twice a week
Doesn’t do chasers, likes the burn of alchohol
Loves history
From the country
Has a dog named Ramona
Nickname: rion (Bay)
Warns bay to leave laun alone or he will tell everyone what happened at claires party last year
Likes laun in his hoodie

Only girl Roel considers a friend, been in school together since 7th grade
Blue hair, violet eyes
Has always like Roel but he has always rejected her, seeing her as a sister. Waiting for him to open his eyes and love her, keeps away competition.
Likes Dorian because he’s hot. That’s it. Would go for him if she wasn’t in love with Roel.
Member of student counsil
Hates being threatened


Dislikes: Roel

troublemaker, who knows what he wants

Member of class council: Vice president, among the top students in class (grade wise), meetings twice a week, was also in his middle school student council
Had a deal with Cason to help him get with June.
Interested in June
Likes: being on time (because of his parents)
Thinks laun and dorian are sleeping together
Nickname: carrot top (dorian)
Sucks at puzzles

Bay’s friend, likes Dorian and hates Laun, black hair,
Nervous habit: pulls at the ends of her hair
turned down by Dorian, still wants to crush Laun

Bay’s friend
cut up Laun's uniform, one of the main bullies

Amanda: Bay’s friend, brown eyes
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Posts : 678
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PostSubject: Re: High School Characters   Tue May 26, 2015 12:09 am


Class: 27 students

Class: 25 students
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High School Characters
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