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 Kai Bane

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PostSubject: Kai Bane   Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:13 am

Kai Bane

Age 23 with shaggy dark olive hair, almost like a forest moss, that tickles just to the base of his slim neck, and shockingly yellow orange eyes. He has almond shaped eyes with a sharp perfectly sized nose, his lips are thin and his face long and slim. Stands just below the average height ((5 foot 9.2 inches)) at 5 foot 7.8 inches, can be a little sore on the subject of his height so avoid any teasing. His shoe size is 12.5 and his favorite style is boots because with his job they last the longest, steel toes in black are preferable.  Wears dark colored pants; sometimes jeans but he doesn’t like the rough material as much, in a straight cut. Only owns three pairs because he has to have them custom so they fit with his furry green tail. He tucks the hem into the top of his boots. Always wears a leather belt, either a dark wood brown or black with a simple silver buckle. He wears an undershirt, V-neck, colors: red, green, indigo, and black, dark grey, and occasionally white. Over the t-shirt he’ll wear a simple thin jacket, one is a charcoal with straps up the arms and the other is a military style with front chest pockets in a soil brown. Around his neck, slipped under the thin collar of his undershirt he wears a silver chain that belonged to his father.  The pendant on it is of his family crest. Or what used to be the family crest before they were all slaughtered by the wolf that turned Kai. Does not talk about his past, or himself at all. Doesn’t have many friends, the few people he actually keeps in touch with are people that he keeps for information and jobs, or other benefits for himself. Grew up in an orphanage that believed in strict upbringing, left at the age of sixteen and went into the work force. Has had many jobs that have taught him many skills he uses now, such as the use of most general weapons; guns, knives, swords, etc. And how to take down an attacker with his bare hands and to keep them down. His personality matches the rough upbringing. He is blunt and wont dance around with words to make you feel better. His tone is cold and he doesn’t know how to relax until at least his sixth shot of Sake (his favorite drink which he has with every meal, sometimes it is his meal).

I'm not gonna have him with wolf ears and tail in this one. Since he doesn't want anyone to know what he is because people are scared of werewolves and think they are just cursed beasts that need to be killed. But his eyes are still like a wolves, that is the only thing he has that will give him away. Unless of course they see him change.

Gaspard Menier
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Kai Bane
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