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PostSubject: Laun-random    Mon May 25, 2015 5:33 am


Nick Name(s): Melon head (Roel), green girl (roel), cucumber bitch (Claire), green fish (bay)
Gender: Female
Hair: Green, thick and cut into a bob. Her longer bangs have fringe, or layers, around her ears. Color Example
Eyes: Red, can look pink in some lights. Color example
Language(s): English
Blood Type
Height: few inches over 5ft
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: tiny, freckles- Freks
Grandfather: collects monkeys
Siblings: brother who she likes (not actually related)
Friends/Allies/Enemies, etc:
June: friend from middle school, protective of her, walks home with her when she is not tutoring with Roel (which she doesnt know) or when Laun doesn't have sports activities.
Arianna: friends from middle school,
Dorian: love interest. Wants to know if his room is messy or clean. Almost kissed him when drunk.
Lynsey: doesn't like, also doesn't know how Dorian answered her confession
Career/Past Careers:
Dreams/Life Goals:
Hobbies: Sports, working out.
Cute things- mostly towards frilly things, sports,
Drinks: Milk tea, White grape juice
Food: beef pot roast and desserts
Dislikes: bitter things
Fears: ?
Doesn't really think or worry about things like love and being overly girly or cute/ so is quite often shocked by romantic feelings or moments with Dorian. Gets embarrassed easily by closeness or fondness from guys/ doesn't know how to react to them
Thinks you have to date before kissing because Arianna told her the benefits of dating is you get to kiss whenever
Good: Athletic, Can be very fierce when she believes in something or is against it, curious, brave, energetic, rarely gets cold
Bad: Troublemaker, can have an attitude, thinks of herself as boyish so doesn’t think boys have an interest in her.
Can’t cook.
-History, science, academics
Turn Ons:
Turn Offs:
Natural Talents:
Supernatural Powers & Abilities:
Background: adopted

School lunch: Always buys from the cafeteria, mostly breads or simple dishes that are easy to eat quickly.
School Activities: Baseball and Volleybal, Member of the student council- meets twice a week.
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