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 Fantasy check point

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PostSubject: Fantasy check point   Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:56 am

-Roel and Shaheen are traveling together and looking for shaheen's statue pieces. They decide to go check his temple.
-Ari is following June while she goes to the temple to give an offering
-While they're there they get attacked by bandits, ( Or Roel and them show up before, I don't quite remember.)
-Roel defends them and fights off the bandits, killing one of them or just cutting off one of their arms (??)
-June and Ari invite them back to the town, which is a small village that believes in the wind god Shaheen
-They get to the village and they meet June's grandma and she flirts with Roel a little cause she's a perv
-June and Roel have a slightly flirty moment while talking to each other after dinner and they step outside to talk, he pins her against the wall but does nothing more and doesn't pursue when she steps away.
-They go back inside and get ready for bed. Arianna goes home.
-While they're sleeping the bandits attack and terrorize the village
-Roel and Shaheen fight the bandits off and the village quickly moves on
-They decide to leave as soon as possible to keep from bringing the village any more harm
-June is determined to go with them because she's a very religious person and since Shaheen is her god she wants to help
-Ari decides to go because she wants to be a part of an adventure.
-They go back to the temple to look over to make sure they didn't leave anything behind since they didn't get a chance to look with the bandits.
-When they get there they're attacked by Marduke an the temple collapses
-They get seperated and they have to search for each other
-Arianna sprains her ankle and Roel carries her, they're a little flirty
-They run into a christian demon girl
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PostSubject: Re: Fantasy check point   Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:17 am

The Otter God and a Girls Dagger
Temple--Arianna and Roel get separated from June and Shaheen after an earthquake caused by Marduke’s thunder. Arianna hurts her leg and she and Roel run into Priscilla who claims to be lost then disappears into a puff of purple smoke.

The group meet again after shaheen accidentally falls down a floor and breaks his tail bone. June heals shaheen and Arianna with her dagger, this is the first time Shaheen sees the girls powers and becomes suspicious of her. She uses his own powers but will not tell him anymore than that her grandmother taught her. A vessel could be used if a god so wished, but with the aid of a sacred artifact the power would be multiplied. ((She does not want to tell him of the piece because she doesn’t trust them yet)) Shaheen sticks with her as they make their way up a broken staircase and to the temple entrance.

Roel continues to fret after Arianna as they climb the stairs, still worried about her leg, which he feels guilty for. He does not understand June’s healing powers yet. He shows a little interest in June when he get’s angry at Shaheen for casually jumping on her shoulder and can’t help but to watch the girl once they are up the staircase. This causes Arianna to become a little jealous and strive to get his attention back on herself.

Shaheen warns Roel not to get distracted if he wants to find “that person”. This is the first mention of the man Roel is searching for and also of the scar across his back but the girls do not know of this.

The group has a brief disagreement on their beliefs in gods. Roel siding with Arianna and June with Shaheen since she grew up worshiping him and was taught many things about the powers of Gods by her grandmother. The argument is only settled when Shaheen once again cryptically mentions someone saying- “He chose his own path.” Roel furry is extinguished by June’s hand on his and he is ashamed at showing the girls such a dark side of himself.

Marduke appears in a flash with is thunder shaped sword as the group is exiting the temple and taunts Shaheen, deeming him a grounded pigeon. Shaheen tells June to take her friend and run while he faces off with the god. Arianna gives them away by shouting encouragements to Roel when he nicks Mardukes arm with his sword. Something that shocks the gods because human blades do not have the power to cut immortal skin. After announcing that June held his Icon the God summons his wolf to steal her away and then disappeared, challenging Shaheen and Roel to come save the girl. Arianna had no idea her friend held the icon piece. ((shaheen does not know that his Statue is shattered yet.))

The group heads off to Death Peak Mountain to save their fair haired friend.

As they reach the temple on top of the mountain Marduke comes out with June to great them. Marine hears about the fight and quickly goes to observe but finds herself intervening soon after arriving. At the water goddess appearance Marduke become enraged with jealously when shaheen gazes fondly at her and strikes the pair. Roel blocks the attack and shaheen tried to create a barrier with wind but his power is weak and the two are sent flying back and shaheen gets knocked out. Marine tries to distract Marduke from the humans and he easily gets caught up with her. To him she is the only woman he believes worthy enough to be his woman and feels Shaheen is weak for being so easily tricked and does not deserve her.
-Marine calls Marduke ‘Duke’

The two god began to argue and Marine chastises him about having a temper like his father
Quote :
"Your powers do not make you a good leader, Marduke!"
Marduke counters saying that a great woman makes a great man. Before Marine can argue back they are distracted by a light. The light is from the icon piece June has that began to glow once brought near the small otter god. When Shaheen is revived he finds out that his statue is in pieces and that he will now have to hunt them down. ((This moment is more proof that Shaheen is who he says by how the icon reacts to him.))

Marduke reluctantly retreats feeling there is no point in continuing now that they have the piece and that he can easily get the other pieces before the god. Before he leaves in a bolt of lighting he whispers to Marine
Quote :
"You won't always be able to protect him."

The group then decides to travel on together and collect the statue pieces.
End of chapter one.
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Fantasy check point
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