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 Scifi check point

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PostSubject: Scifi check point   Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:56 am

( This very first part isn't exact.)

-Dorian runs into Laun, they don't think much of each other.
-I think they may end up chatting a bit
-BG sees them and tells Laun to get back to her training. I think he may have grounded her. Or she got into big trouble. Sent to bed without dinner.
-Feeling bad for getting her in trouble Dorian crawls through the vents to get her dinner. He brings her pot roast from the cafeteria. She's surprised to see him. Thinks he's crazy
-Dorian leaves when he hears Bg coming to check on her. He leaves through the vents again.
-Somehow he ovehears Bg talking about his plan to use laun. He goes back to her room and tells her they have to go.
-They leave somehow, she thinks he's still crazy but goes anyways.
-They take his ship, which is his prized possession.
-BG catches on quickly to what is hppening and they send troops after them to fire at them
-They have to crash land on a planet.
-Dorian's ship gets destroyed in the process
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Scifi check point
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