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 High school check point

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PostSubject: High school check point   Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:56 am

-Laun June and Ari were friends in middle school
-Roel and Ari exchanged flirty looks
-Dorian and Laun exchanged flirty looks
-June likes milk tea
-June always makes her lunch in the morning. Ari throws something together and Laun always buys something.
-Laun goes to the cafeteria to buy food but with the big crowd she's pushed around.
-Dorian sees her because he is buying his lunch as well and he moves over to Laun and pushes the crowd away from her and takes he to the counter. Putting both hands on either side of her on the counter.
-She gets her food and turns and bumps into Dorian's face
-June goes to check on Laun and they meet in the hall. June teases her because she forgot their drinks. They decide to go back to the cafeteria to get the drinks.
-All the girls are in love with Roel and a crowd runs past them to go tlk to him. He's conceirted but enjoying the attention. Leves the group to go to June and laun
-June really hates Roel's haircut because it's crooked.
-Roel tries to be suave with the girls. They blow him off. Laun blushes because she's thinking about Dorian. June tells him she doesn't exchange numbers with playboys
-Roel pretends to be hurt by June's words, he tells her he'll stop talking to other girls for her because he says she seems interesting.
-Laun stood up for June and Roel tells her he's not interested because she's already been claimed.
-Roel can see the girls during gym class from his classroom. Dorian as well has the same view.
-Arianna likes junk food and video games
-Roel decides they should go play w/the girls. Dorian suddenly stands up and pretends to have a killer stomach ache and says he needs an escort to the nurses office.
-Roel is trying to get Dorian to go after Arianna because she has bigger breasts.
-Dorian says he's not interested in Arianna because he's been with plenty of girls like her. Still confused as to why Roel isn't going for her.
-Roel says he doesn't like athletic girls but prefers girly girls.
-Dorian asks about June. Roel says he likes her because she seems more helpless and it makes him feel more manly. He has plenty of girls lined up if he just wants to fuck.
-Laun blushes at the sight of Dorian and Ari asks who she likes. June says it's probably dorian because Roel has no redeeming qualities.
-Roel calls the girls over. June and Laun don't want to go but Ari runs over to them.
-Laun bares with it because she thinks Arianna is too easy to please. Only goes ot make sure nothing bad happens to her.
-Ari openly teases Laun about Dorian by telling her his name.
-June is mad because they interrupted her class.
-Arianna suggests skipping. Its the last period so why not. She wants to go to impress the boys. June doesn't want to because she got a bad impression of them.
-Laun and June are convinced to go only when Roel offers to buy dessert.
-Dorian says he'll pay for him and laun. Laun freaks out thinking it's a date.
-Arianna says maybe it's a double date and calls June the third wheel. June goes ahead because she's a little upset at what ari said. but she's uncomfortable being w/ the boys too. Dorian asks her name and she tells him. Roel is offended she told Dorian and not him.
-All the girls like frilly and cute things and they pick a cute cafe. Laun likes filly things but thinks she's too boyish to pull of frilly things.
-June likes cute things and Roel likes to see her happy
-Arianna calls Roel 'Roel-Kun-
-June is interested in the pastries (lets say because she likes french cuisine/pastries)
-Laun orders three desserts
-"Laun tilted her head curiously at the man when he had looked away. She had been worried that he would be like his friend, aggressive and flirty. Thankfully he was more of the calm almost serious type. That made her feel a lot less nervous sitting next to him.”
-While Roel is distrated by talking to Ari June steals a glance at him. She likes his large hands and his angled jaw. She thinks he’s cute but only when he’s not talking.
-Roel turns away from Ari when he hears June speak. He thinks she’s being cute w/the way her movements are stiff due to nervousness. He leans into her.
-Dorian says Laun would be cute in the frilly maid outfit.
-June tells Roel that the coffee in the tira misu will keep him up all night. He laughs at June a lot.
-The next day June makes a bento for Roel as thanks for buying them all dessert. She goes to his classroom to deliver it.
-A group of girls are gossiping w/Roel and Dorian. He sees June in the doorway and goes to he quickly so the girls don’t see her
-He teases her and asks her if she’s here to confess. He has her pinned against the wall and she shoves the bento into his chest and explains it’s just to say thank you.
-Abbi tells June the teacher wants to talk to them to nominate class president. It’s the highest grade in the class.
-June thinks Abbi is odd
-Dorian wants Laun to make him lunch and says he’d be happy with a store bought meal.
-Yogi is picked as vice since he has  high grade as well. He kind of flirts with June.
-Laun is protective of June.
-Trish hates Roel
-Laun joins but Ari thinks it’s a stupid idea and doesn’t.
-Trish isn’t afraid to hit Roel
-council meetings twice a week
-Yogi was in his middle school student council
-Laun doesn’t care but June was about to ask him questions before she gets whisked away
-Cason makes a deal with Yogi. He’ll keep Laun occupied so Yogi can flirt with June. And Yogi will keep June busy so he can mess with Laun.
-Roel says he likes June’s cooking.
-Laun thinks June made the bento because she likes Roel. June says it’s just for a thank you fo the dessert and she didn’t bring it up because she didn’t want Ari and Laun to think she was dumb
-They have their first council meeting and it’s every class together.
-Ari says she thinks eveyone in the council is a nerd
-Cason calls her shallow
-Dorian initially didn’t want to join. Joined because of Roel
-Yogi tries really hard to flirt with June.
-Cason is outspoken and calls Roel brutish
-Roel hates Yogi for flirting with June.
-Dorian asks Laun if he can walk he to class. She gets all flustered and nervous. He insists and takes her books.
-June doesn’t mind Roel just wish he would stop acting like a playboy
-”Roel grabbed his bag and head towards the door. Before he got to it a girl stopped him and he took the opportunity to talk to her. Hoping June would feel the jealousy he felt. It pissed him off. He shouldn't be so caught up on a girl that wasn't even interested.”
-Dorian asks laun about sports, she calls him out on not seriously being inteested. He says he thinks she’s cute. Laun says she’s not interested in having a boyfriend. Dorian tells her to let him know if she reconsiders dating him and kisses her cheek before leaving.
-Cason shoves his shoulder against Roel’s
-June goes to tutoring for physics, she’s getting a new tutor. It ends up being Roel.
-She’s surprised that he actually knows what they’re talking about
-Roel insuates something and June begins leaning into him, expecting a kiss or something.
-The bell rings and ruins the moment. But before Roel leaves he kisses June on the cheek.
-Even though Laun told dorian she wasn’t interested she gets pouty when he doesn’t give her attention
-Roel likes the sound of June’s voice.
-The students get news of the trip.
-Roel teases June and Cason sees this and so he reaches across and blocks Roel off from talking to June. Roel gets mad and decides to have a 1v1 talk with Cason. Dorian distracts the girls.
-”Roel stalked towards his prey once he had been separated from the girls. The rest of the classroom at emptied out pretty fast, leaving only the two of them alone. Roel stood over the man and looked down threateningly with his hands in his pockets. “You know. In the animal kingdom once a male has chosen his female he will fight off any other male that tries to weasel his way in. Take wolves for example. Once the alpha.” He gave a small pause to indicate himself, “has chosen his woman he will tear the throat of any dog who wonders anywhere near her.” His eyes shown darkly with his threat. “You are in my territory mutt. Keep up this silly game of yours and your going to see what happens to anyone who touches something that’s MINE.” He brushed roughly past him, hitting his shoulder.”
-June gets a little jealous of June and Dorian because he ignored her all day and talked to June infront of her.
-On the way back from the council meeting an upperclassman girl grabs Laun and laun punches her shoulder out of reflex.
-The girl threatens Laun and June not to flirt with Roel and Dorian.
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PostSubject: Re: High school check point   Mon May 25, 2015 6:01 am

ends around page 9-10 of A New Year!
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High school check point
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