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 Roel M. D

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PostSubject: Roel M. D   Mon May 25, 2015 5:45 am

Roel M. D

Nick Name(s): Roel-Kun (Arianna), Playboy (many people), Beaver (Laun)
Gender: Male
Hair: Red, short cut with longer bangs on the right which barely reaches his jaw.
Eyes: Blue, Color example
Language(s): English
Height: 5'11"
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Has a scar on his shin from climbing a tree when drunk
Father: Owner of a multi-million dollar company. Works so much he is rarely home. Red headed scot with green eyes. Looks like the older version of Roel but manlier.
Mother: Silva Leston, was a model before she met his father and married, now she is just a rich house wife that spends all day shopping, eating out, and going to expensive spas and social gatherings. She was never an attentive mother, since he was born he had a nanny that took care of him like a mother while his real mother went out. Has blond hair, blue eyes (same as roels) ans is very tall and beautiful. From Germany.
Charles: his driver, has always worked for them and is considered part of the family (by Roel)
Dorian: best friend, teases him on his over protective sister
June: Love interest, likes her at first because she seems helpless which makes him feel manly. Kissed her at a temple during their counsil trip
Arianna: Junes friend, also had an interest in her. Has flirted several times
Laun: Doesn't always remember her name so calls her random things, or just refers to her as Dorian's girl. Doesn't see why his friend goes for her, besides that she cute and small.
Cason: Hates him the most
Yogi: Hates him
Trish: Scared of her but they always fight.

Career/Past Careers: High school student
Dreams/Life Goals:
Hobbies: Girls, playing the guitar and making songs
Likes: Girly girls, June’s bentos, old temples,
Dislikes: Boyish girls, Sweets, not getting his way
Loathes: Cason
Good Qualities:
Bad Habits: Quick to anger
Turn Ons: damsels in distress, glasses
Turn Offs: brutish girls
Natural Talents: very smart, passes every class effortlessly. Best class: Anything math related so chemistry, physics, algebra, ect. Worst Class: History with a b-. Was terrible at home economics.  
Background: His father in the owner of a tech company and he had hired tutors for Roel since the day he began speaking. Because of all the studying done as a child Roel knows every subject and is top of the class and also considered a genius. This causes him to find school boring so he spends most of his time flirting with girls, bugging Dorian, or getting into trouble.
His father is a well-respected businessman and has known Roel’s principal since his own high school days, this and all the generous donations he makes keeps Roel out of any serious trouble. Pretty much he gets away with a lot more than any other student and he knows it and takes advantage of it. Most teachers don’t even bother trying to discipline him and generally lets him do whatever he likes.
Mother cares for herself, money, materialistic things, and her husband who is never around. Will go into fierce tantrums over this.
Roel was given anything he wanted or needed since his family had plenty of money and when he got older he still got everything he wanted with girls and friends, some because of his wealth and others because of his looks.
Doesn’t believe in love because he has never experienced the feeling, this is why he never dates girls. His parents do not even love each other and spend more time with other people than themselves. It seems they only stay together for image and convenience.

School lunch: Maid prepares him a diet healthy meal each day, he sometimes eats it but most of the time he’ll buy some snacks or get food from girls.
School Activities:
Involved in the student council. They met twice a week.
Tutors June in Physics (once a week?)

Pretty boy- wouldn't get a piercing or tattoo. Too vain about his flawless looks.
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Roel M. D
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