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 < The lost files >

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PostSubject: < The lost files >    Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:06 am

Friend: -sighs and plops down on a rock and glances around the temple- don’t you thinks it’s a bit lame to still visit the temple? –leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees- Only the elders waste their time with this.

Girl: -sets the bowl with her offering down in front of a pillar- No? I don’t think its lame to honor our villages traditions. –smiles and picks up a grape and tosses it at her friend, smacking her in the face-

Friend: -Sticks her tongue out at her and stands- you only say that ‘cause you believe all the junk those senile old people believe. –points to her offering- you’ve made your offering, blah blah blah, let go now! –starts out of the temple-

Girl: -rolls her eyes and rearranges the fruit nicely before following her out of the temple.

Roel: -leans heavily on a branch, looking exhausted- that’s it…I can’t walk any further. -Plops down by a tree, swiping his hand across his brow- It’s time for a break runt.

Shaheen: -jumps down off his shoulder and stands on his back legs, sending the man a deadly otter glare- Get up you lazy human. And you will call me Shaheen, not Runt.

Roel: -Yawns and unhooks his sword from his belt, setting it against the tree he’s leaning on- Yeah yeah, Shawndy. I’ll get up it you start carrying me. –Gets comfy and closes his eyes- why don’t you scamper on ahead then and I’ll catch up later.

Shaheen: -Makes a chocking jester with his small hands, shaking the invisible neck roughly, curing in otter lango. Jumps out of the way as Roel kicks at him- Fine! Weak human. –starts to run off then stops and turns back to him, pointing angrily- you will be at the temple before sundown! –continues down the road-

Roel: -leans his head back against the tree, mumbling about otter soup before dozing off-

Friend: -walks through the forest back to the village- You know visiting the temple wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so far and uphill! –pauses to rub her tired legs- Do you just want to stay the night in the temple since it’s almost dark anyways?

Girl: -Glares back at her and smiles- Are you sure? Last time you suggested that you wimped out and we ended up having to walk back in the middle of the night anyways.

Friend: -sticks her bottom lip out in a pout- That was like, soo six months ago. C’mon, let’s spend the night!

Shaheen: -makes it to the cave and stops, holding his side- damn *huff* otter *huff* body. –plops down for a moment till he catches his breath then spots the offering and runs over to him- What’s this? –Picks at the fruit and grabs a grape and eats it- I see these humans haven’t forgotten about me yet. –smiles and eats another grape- Guess I’ll have to forgive that there is no fish in here. I’ll have to bless whoever did this once I’m back. –Finishes and runs over to a central pillar- Now that piece of statue should be somewhere around her. –Starts looking around-

Girl: -walks back into the temple and shrugs her bag off onto the ground- You can go gather the twigs for a fire. I'll go grab us something to eat.

Friend: -sets her things down- Why go searching? u brought food up here? -walks over to the offering and picks up a bunch of grapes and eats a couple- c'mon~ gods dont even exist anymore. Lets just hang out.

Girl: -shakes her head and walks over and plucks the grapes from her hand and sets them back- It wont take me more than 15minutes. -laughs- stop being lazy and go find up some twigs -bumps her hip with hers playfully before heading out of the temple-
Friend: -laughs and waits for her to leave the temple before grabbing the grapes again and walking deeper inside, keeping a look out for stray sticks-

Shaheen: -digging through a pile of rubble when he hears voices echo off the walls, stops and looks around then heads towards the entrance, keeping low. Ducks behind a rock when he sees the friend, watches her and frowns at the grapes in her hand- Stealing from my temple! I’ll show that human not to mess with my offerings! –runs and jumps on a pillar and waits for the girl to walk by. Jumps on her head when she does and starts pulling on her hair and roaring out a war cry-

Friend: -drops the grapes and screams and grabs onto the otter on her head- AHHHHH!! Girl! -leans over and claws at him to get him out of her hair and off of her head- There's a monster in the temple!!! -sobs and throws him off of her head and scrambles back, tripping-

Girl: -casually picking fruit or something when she hears her friend scream and drops everything and runs back into the temple- Friend?! (yes, I know how ridiculous having them call each other's name is right now) -runs towards the scream and stops a bit away from the otter and looks back in between the two- You were screaming because of a squirrel?

Shaheen: -lands ungracefully skidding a little across the floor. Gets back up and turns to the friend and cracks his little knuckles ((haha I wonder if you would even hear it)) Prepares for a second attack when he hears the girl. Puffs out his chest- Squirrel?! Does this look like a bushy tail to you? –shakes his otter tail at her- Do you see any buck teeth you inbred human? You two have some nerves coming into my temple stealing my offerings attacking me and then insulting me. You just wait till I’m done with this girl! –shakes his finger at the girl then turns back to the friend and runs at her- Fear my claws!

Roel: -Throws a rock, knocking Shaheen away- What the hell are you doing rat?! –walks over and picks him up by the back of the neck, holding him out- You can’t go attacking people. –shakes him a little-

Shaheen: -sputtering angrily-

Roel: -turns to the two girls- I’m sorry about this retard- -stops when he sees the girl- d..d..ah…-turns, dropping the otter and tries to straighten his hair and clothes then turns around with a big smile- Hey.

Shaheen: -stands up on his hind legs- and you call me the retard? –shakes his head-

Friend: -raises her arm and cowers behind it from the tiny terror-
Girl: -looks down at him shocked- You have got quite the mouth on you! -glares at him and frowns and moves over to her friend and helps her up and glances back at Roel and raises her eyebrow- Who are you two supposed to be?

Roel: Uh-um...us? -points to himself-
Shaheen: Who else dumbass. -moves when Roel tries to stomp on him- I am the magnificent Shaheen whose temple you are currently try to steal from. -looks back at Roel with a pitiful look- and this is my sad little pet human Roel.
Roel: Yeah pet. -mumbles and avoids looking at the girl- Wait! What did you call me rodent? -glares down at the otter- and this isn't your temple stupid, this is a temple for a god. Not some furry little water rat.
Shaheen: Water rat! Come say that to my face you cherry! ((the swordman has red hair))
Roel: I'd break my back trying to get down to that fuzzy pug! -tries to grab him but Shaheen keeps slipping away and scratching at him-

(( missing a part ))

S: -tries landing on his back feet but fumbles and falls on his back and rolls around quickly to all fours, then stands- Who said anything about an otter god? Did I not tell you that you are in my temple? The temple of the great, majestic, and supremly handsome Hawk god Shaheen!

F: -kneels down and shakes her head- Uh, yeah. HAWK god, you're an otter. Hawks fly. You swim. -Pets his head- I think you've been traveling too long. It's okay to be the first one to fall asleep you know.
G: -shakes her head- Gods haven't shown themselves for decades

S: -shoos her hand away- yes HAWK god! I was trapped in this vile body! This pathetic furry vessel! And when my power is reunited will I go back to my true self.
R: -comes in carrying a lot of logs, drops them on the ground- don't listen to his crazy fairy tale. There are no gods.
S: -sits down and grumbles- We may be hiding but we are still here. and when it is time to show ourselves we will punish those who mock us.
R: -starting a fire- you really have a god complex.

F: -laughs and looks back up at Roel when he comes back and trots back over to where he's making the fire and plops down on a rock and watches- Maybe he has that complex because he's depressed. -rests her head on her hand and sighs- I dont imagine being an otter would be so easy.

R: -sits back and holds his hands out to warm by the flame- Psh, can't be that hard to be a pet.
S: -throws a rock at his head- Who's a pet. ((So does the main girl have the statue piece?))

(Missing some more))

Friend: -climbs up onto one of the decks of one of the houses in the village and looks down at Roel- Hurry up so u can see our home~
Girl: -climbs up and pauses and sniffs the air- I think we made it at the perfect time. I smell lunch.

Roel: -pulls himself up onto the dock and quickly grabs onto the tree- I've lost my appetite.
Shagreen: -hops up onto the railing and scampers about, checking everything out- This is amazing! Just like a birds nest. Y'all are truly worthy of being my humans.

Girl: -looks over at him and laughs- really? that work out did nothing but work up my appetite. -turns and heads for her house-
Friend: -slaps roel's back- Stop being such a weenie!
R: -grumbles at the girls and follows slowly after them- what the fuck is a weenie?
S: -chilling on his shoulder- I think she's saying it's an average size male swordsman with red hair that freaks like a girl when put in a tree.
R: -swings his arm at the otter- shut the fuck up ferret.
S: -jumps away and hops onto the girls shoulder, sticking his tongue out at R-

G: -glances at shaheen and scratches his head then walks into her house- grandma, I'm home!
Gma: -rushes from out of the kitchen and looks over at her- hurry up and get your butt over here lunch is getting cold

R: -quickly pushes past the friend into the house and bends over breathing hard, acting like he just accomplished something amazing. Then stands up straight and fixes his hair, acting like none of that happened- What's that wonderful smell? I am starved.

Gma: -looks over at roel and walks up to him and shoves her cane up under his chin- Who is this!?
F: -walks past him- Some sad swordsman we picked up in the forest
G: -moves over and pushes her gma's cane down- He's no trouble, grandma.
Gma: well I dont want to feed any ruffians!

R: Whoooa Grandma lady! I'm not a ruffian. – holds his hands up innocently – I mean I did just save your sweet granddaughter and her lovely friend from some nasty men. I think one of your delightful home-cooked meals will be enough of a reward for me. – Smiles cheesily at her-
S: – Jumps on the table – just stab him and throw him outside old lady. That's what he really deserves.

F: -shakes her head and sits down at the table- Dont believe him grandma. We could have taken those men on ourselves. -picks shaheen off of the table and sets him on the seat beside her- Dont be rude
Gma: -eyes him skeptically and walks around him slowly checking him out before reaching out and pinching his butt- Okay, u can stay for dinner. But only because it's been too long before we've had a real man around the house. -walks proudly to the head of the table and plops down in her seat- Girl, go fetch the tea!
G: -snickers at the booty pinch and nods and goes into the kitchen and gets the tea and cups-

R: – Counseling the old lady pinches him and gawks after her- What..? – Clears throat, recovering – of course. I am rather manly. – Wags his eyebrows at the friend sitting down opposite the old lady, puffing his chest out with manly pride –
S: – Looks up at the table top glares- how I'm I supposed to eat down here? This is an insult!

F: -laughs at Roel- Dont show off too much -leans over and whispers- You might turn her on. -looks down at Shaheen and reaches behind her and grabs some books and puts them on his seat- Oh hush, you're so dramatic
Gma: -looks over at shaheen and nods- You're lucky I'm even allowing a pet at my table
G: -serves the tea and sits down-

R: -Deflates his chest and gags At the thought – Are you trying to make me lose my appetite again?
S: -gets onto the books – I am not a pet I'm my God!

F: -giggles and starts eating- Well if u did I wouldn't feel too bad. More for me~ -reaches over and takes something from his plate and stuffs it into her mouth and smiles cheekily-
Gma: -looks over at shaheen- Harumph. Even if u were a god, there's only one that's allowed to sit at my table. And I highly doubt he'd take the form of an otter -sips her tea-

R: hey! That was mine – quick reaches and grabs something off her plate and stuffs it in her mouth returning the smile–
S: of course. Who would willing take the form of a creature from that damned woman. -looks darkly down at his food-

F: -looks at him shocked then narrows her eyes- How dare you!
Gma: -looks him over- Ahh, a lovers quarrel?

R: hey you started this. -takes a casual bite off his plate-
S: HA! Lovers. -spits it out in distaste and starts stabbing the plate with his fork-

A: -finishes her plate and leans back in her chair and pats her stomach- Oh man..I dont think I could move if I wanted to
J: -laughs at her and stands and starts clearing the table- You say that after every meal. -points to roel's plate- Are u done?

R: – Set his fork down – yes, thanks. – Also leans back – that food was really good grand. It really was a perfect reward.
S: Yes yes. But we still didn't accomplish anything. We need to go back to the cave tomorrow and search it again.

J: -takes the plates and comes back to the table- Can't you sense your statue?
A: -Sighs- Do u really need this statue? what's the point in some old relic

S: This body suppresses my powers, and since the statue is broken it's power is also faint. I can feel a vibration from it, but that's not enough to tell me exactly where it is. I know it is somewhere in the area of the temple in this town. – Holds his little hand up– I can feel it now. – Glares at the girl – the point of this RELIC is so I can gain my rightful form and teach vulture of a woman not to mess with a superior God!
R: – Leans his head on his arm – you really just sound like a little psycho.

A: -rolls her eyes then laughs at Roel- I thought all u elemental gods were at the same level. -Shrugs and sticks her tongue out at him- besides, if you were the superior god then how did u get manage to get trapped in such an itty bitty body

S: please. Everyone smart knows air is the strongest element. -holds his head high then glares at her again- everyone also knows how much women enjoy tricking men. And I am not itty bitty.
R: - gets bored with their conversation and smiles at J- so, what do you girls do around here for fun?

A: -reaches over and pinches his cheek- So if you're not itty bitty are you teeny tiny?
G: -reaches over and slaps ariana's hand- Behave. You dont want him to smite you do you?
J: -looks up at him and smiles- Nothing you'd be interested in, it all involves heights

S: – Jumps on Grans back – listen to the old lady. Because I'll be in a smiting move once I returned my body
r: Yeah I'm not really interested in any of that. But I could always show you my skills with my sword.

A: -laughs and shrugs- Ooh, what are you going to do? blow my skirt up?
J: -smiles- Does that little taste of action this morning have you itching for more?

S: I don't want to see your girlie panties. but Don't think I won't send a tornado to the small little village.
R: – Leans closer – I'm always looking for some action. It's good to keep your body moving.

Gma: -scoffs- Dont condem a whole village because of one child's insolence.
A: -pouts- I'm not a child
J: -blinks at him and blushes slightly and stands up and heads out of the house- So come show me then

S: bah don't worry. I Actually like this village.
R: -Stand up quickly and follows her out- It'll be my pleasure.

(Missing part)

A: -smiles and slips a finger into his waist band and pulls him closer by his hips- sure, I don't mind lending a helping hand
J: -pretends to gag at him-
A: -trails her fingers along his waist band before grabbing his sword out and turning away from him- woah this is heavier than I thought it would be!

R: -Stumbles forward a little And gaps at her. Regained his composure quickly and chuckles- you get use to the weight after a while. It's like a comforting weight in your hands.

A: -glances back at him and smiles- so it's like a baby blanket for old men huh? -waves it around- how long have u had this dusty old thing?

R: -grabs her hand over the handle, holding it tightly- she is not rusty. If your going to hold her then respect her.

A: -frowns and winces slightly- fine I don't want to hold 'her' anymore -mutters and pushes the sword towards him-

R: -Takes the sword and gently slide it back into its scabbard- Sorry. She's special. And you won't find a better sword out there.

J: -glances over at them- what makes her so special?

R: -draws his swords- because she was crafted by a genius. -holds it out- perfectly balanced, razor sharp edge that could cut through anything like butter, and still light weight. -admires his sword- perfection.

J: -moves over to him and looks down at the sword then back at him- is this your first sword?

R: yep. I've used training swords but is my first one Ive owned.

J: -looks it over- it is a nice sword. U can tell you've used her a lot. -touches the hilt- I don't really like the damage that comes with swords. So I opted to learn how to heal

R: your a healer? -looks her over- hm it's really not that surprising I suppose.

J: -Nods and shrugs- Yeah, no one in our village really has to fight. We have the advantage of being off the ground -shakes her head- but that doesnt stop people from getting sick
A: -sighs and moves over and loops her arm through Roel's- We should go back up to the house. We're not going to find any game out here

R: -looks at a- your probably right. The deer are all afraid of me.

A: -laughs- that's surprising. Maybe you need to hang more around animals that hang out in the water. Maybe you could get a beaver friend to go along with your otter

R: ha.ha. I think one river rat is enough for me.

A: -laughs and turns back and heads towards the village- an otter is definitely an interesting companion

R: and he's annoyingly weird and speaks English. Perfect partner.

A: -laughs- If that's all u need in a companion I'm worried about what your girlfriends must have been like

R: haha no no. I wouldn't care if my girlfriend spoke English or not.
A: -smiles and nudges him with her elbow- why, cause you would just be over joyed u have one in the first place?

R: -grabs her chin and lifts it up- you really have a mean mouth for such a pretty girl. -let's her chin go- why so curious anyways? Wondering if the girlfriend slot is open?

A: -smiles up at him and shrugs- because not saying what I think would be boring. -shrugs- who knows, might be interesting but I really can't see myself being all 'oh roel, you're so manly' 'oh roel, this is so romantic and sweet' 'roel, roel, roeel~' -makes a kissy face-

R: if you can't even do that I'm afraid this isn't going to work out. I mean I love a woman who knows how to say my name a lot.

A: -scoffs- i doubt u even have the skills for that.

R:I have a lot of skills. I'll show em to you anytime. -smiles then looks at j- so which one of these tree huts is your gran's again?

A: -gives him a flirty look and looks back with him-
J: -missing I suppose-

R: -looks around then looks as a- wasn't she just here?

A: -nods- Yeah, I mean I thought she was. -turns and looks back towards the village- I-..really have no idea where she went -laughs nervously- Let's check the house

R: -nods and quickly hurries to the tree- you go first since you will probably get up there faster.

A: -nods and starts up the tree- Dont wimp out half way up! -gets up to the top only to meet the bandits and steps back- R-Ro--!?
Bandit: -covers her mouth and drags her back to a safer area-

R: -hugging closely to the tree and climbing up slowly- i hate this place.
Bandit: -standing by j talking to the other bandit- why don't we just cut the ladder down?

B: -chuckles and nods and slashes the ropes to the ladder- Poor fool. -Glances back to the girls- We'll just kill him once he finally gets up here. Wouldnt be surprised if he left this village to burn

R: -grabs onto the tree and slowly makes his way up the trunk-
Bandit 2: - looks at the other bandits- make sure to collect anything of value boys!

B: -nods and runs and tells the other bandit to start looting-

R: -stops when he almost gets to the deck and hears the voices-
Shaheen: untie me you worthless lot! I am a god!
B: -laughs and shakes shaheen- what a worthless rodent! We should throw him out of the tree!
B3: we should burn this place down!

S:-clawing at his hand-
Bandit: yeah!!!! Lets burn it!
Gma: I'll kill u all!
A: -screams- u guys all reek!

R:-climbed the back way around and up the tree. Jumped up and killed one of the guys-
B: ugh! Ahh -falls down and hits the ground dead-
B: what was that!? -runs to the edge and looks down-
R: -hides and sneaks around, slicing a guys throat-

B: -hears a commotion and turns around to see some fallen men- what the -throws shaheen to the ground and draws his sword- here Kitty kitty

R: who the fuck -swings around the corner, clashing his sword against the b's- are you calling a kitty. -spartan kicks him back and grabs shaheed by the neck- good to see your still alive.
S: your late-crawls onto his shoulder- now shut up and let's get to work.
R: right. -holds his sword out in front of him- do your magic then.
S: -concentrates hard on the blade, making the air swirl around it-
R: -slashes his sword down, blowing several guys off the deck-

B: -stumbles back and nearly falls off the edge before grabbing the edge of the deck and pulling himself back up- u killed some of my men, don't think ur going to get off that easily! -charges towards roel with his sword ready-
B3: -holds jun close to the edge of the platform and shouts at roel- if u fuck up she's going over the edge!

R: -takes a deep breath after the wind attack and struggles a little to block the guys sword- help June!
S: alright but don't get your arms chopped off without me. -hops down and jumps at the guy, latching onto him- (okay so I think he can use his powers but he has to take energy from a host. So it'll drain them if he uses to much) you've messed with one already pisses off god! -eyes glow gold and wind swirls around them-

S: just shut up human! -Knocks a back against the tree with a gust of wind then sends another gust against himself and the bad guy, sending them towards the edge-
R: -blocks it and swings at his side-
B: -stumbles forward and tosses ari to the side and tries to keep his balance as he's pushed closer to the edge-
A: -falls in a safe place and faints from the excitement-
Bandit: -jumps back from his side slash and comes back at him full force-
J: -wriggles free from her captors and spots roel and the bandit-
B: -head butts roel hard-

R: motherfucker! -clutches his forehead and steps back, moves his hand and sees blood on it. Glares at him dangerously- come at me. I'll kill you in 10 seconds.
S: -scratches at his face then jumps down-

B: -chuckles- I'd like to see u fucking try -comes at him full force-
B: -falls off and dies-

R: -clashes swords with him a couple times then goes for the killer blows above his head-

B2: -watches- boss! -moves behind roel and kicks the back of his knees- get off him fucker!

R: -buckles and falls to his knees, dropping his sword to the side. Spins and punches the guy in the face-

B: -falls off the balcony and dies-
B: -smiles broadly- 10secs to kill me huh? Funny -raises his sword and goes for the final blow-
J: roel! -casts a spell and knocks the bandits sword from his hand knocking it off the platform-
B: -turns quickly and looks over at her and glares and storms over to her- bitch!
J: -tenses and turns to run-
B: -grabs the back of her shirt and pulls her back and grabs her by the neck and lifts her from the ground- I ought to kill u
R: -quickly regains his sword when he sees the b grab June and moves swiftly, piercing the guy through the stomach, from behind- don't fucking touch her. -yanks the sword out roughly-
S: -runs over to a checking her out-

B: -drops her and looks down at his stomach and holds the wound and winces and turns back to yell at roel and coughs blood before collapsing-
J: -falls on her butt when he drops her and watches him fall and let's out a small scream and looks up at roel-
A: -groans and slowly comes to-

R: -bends down and wipes the blood on his sword off with the bandits clothes then sheaths it. Looks at June and reaches out, softly cleaning a smudge of blood off her cheek- you okay?

J: -leans her head into his hand slightly and nods- yeah.. Just shook up a little.
B: -twitches or something-
J: -jumps and yelps and hugs his neck- I thought he was dead!?

R: um. -pulls her arms off and smiles at her- don't worry. He's dead. I made sure with that last stab.
J: -frowns and nods slightly and looks over At the body a moment before turning away- we're gonna have to get rid of all these bodies
A: -comes to and looks over at shaheen- whattt did I miss?

R: -chuckles- It's alright he's dead. -stands, pulling her up with him while keeping an arm wrapped inadvertently across her lower back. Nudges the bandit with his foot and stares at him- Looks pretty dead now.

J: -stands with him and glances down at the body and shudders and turns her head away- ugh
A: -comes to and moves over to them- how do u even clean this stuff up?!

R: -chuckles at j then looks at a when she walks up- what do you mean? The rain'll clean it sooner or later.

A: the rain? Seriously? Who knows when that'll be? Is the rain gonna wash the body too?
Gma: -Hollars from the house- ahhh!
J: crap! Grandma! -pulls away and scrambles towards the house-

R: no you can just kick that down. The wild dogs will eat it.

A: -stares at him and gives him a disgusted look- u men are real nasty. -turns away and watches jun before starting off towards the house-

R: -follows-
S: -hops onto his shoulder- what's up? Checking on the grand?

Gma: -looks up at them when they come into the house and looks down at the bandit on the ground no runs up to roel and hugs him- oh it was so scary!

R: -squirms out of her vice grip- it's so good to see you doing well granny. -moves closer to the two girls, keeping his eyes on the old lady-
S: -hops up on the grandmas head- you need more warriors in this village.

gma: -looks up at him and shakes her head- We've never had a problem like this before. Not many people know about this village since it's so high up. Besides, why get more warriors when that fine lad over there did just fine -waggles her eyebrows at Roel-

R: Ha! pathetic bandits like that will never stand a chance against me.
S: Yes yes, they are very lucky to have you around. But what if we had not been here. Unfortunately I do not have to power to protect this village currently.
R: You'll never have that power pipsqueak.

A: -nudges roel- Someone is awfully cocky. -puts her hands on her hips and smiles proudly- I think I hit someone in the face
Gma: -shrugs- I'll see what I can do. This attack definitely ruffled our feathers

R: Did it hurt him?
S: My feathers are not ruffled. -checks himself overs-

A: ha! Of course it did! I can give u an example too if u like! -shakes her fist at him-
Gma: -chuckles- perhaps we should go check on the other villagers. -glances to the bandit on the ground- and maybe do a little cleaning

R: -turns his shoulder towards and and pats it- come on then. Hit me as hard as you can.
S: I don't have time for this. I must find my statue.

A: -smiles and nods- alright then, but don't be mad if I make u cry infront of everyone. -punches his arm as hard as she can-
Gma: -shakes her head- you're not gonna leave this close to sundown. That's just silly

R: -chuckles and rubs his shoulder- not bad for a girl punch. -holds out his fist- alright my turn.
S: don't start telling me what to do old lady. -glares at the old woman-

A: -pauses and stares at him before turning slightly and offering her shoulder- alright give me the best U got.
Gma: don't be so bitter. U can't get far in the dark.

R:-acts like he's gonna hit her hard then stops at the last second and bumps his fist against her skin- KO
S: -huffs- fine. But we leave tomorrow. -walks outside-

A: -closes her eyes and winces preparing for impact. Peeks at him after he taps her and laughs- hey! I could taken it! I really am tougher than I look.
Gma: -nods fair enough-

R: -laughs loudly- you look about as strong as a rabbit. -sits down in a chair and kicks back- this place is pretty active huh

A: -plops down in the chair beside him, sitting on her knees- hmm, not so much since u two came along. Do u have a reputation of trouble making?

R: nah we never get in trouble -looks away clearly lying-

A: yeeeeeah, I really believe that. Ur a little angel aren't u?

R: -blinks his eyes girlishly- how did you know.

A: -laughs and shakes her head- that is not an attractive look!

R: -shakes his head and laughs- don't be so blunt. You might hurt a mans pride.

A: -scoffs and shakes her head- real men don't have feelings!

R: pride woman! That has nothing to do with emotions.

A: Mhmm, whatever u say. -reaches over and messes his hair up before standing- So where did ur little buddy run off to

R: -looks around- who knows. Sometimes he goes off to brood or whatever. -stands- guess we should find him. It's about time for bed.
A: -stands- what a weird guy. He's probably plotting all the ways he can smite u once he turns back into the great and mighty shaheen

R: -laughs loudly- why am I the first one he's gonna smit? I like his only friend.

A: -Laughs and shrugs and heads outside to look for him- I'm sure you'll be the closest one to him when it happens. -wiggles her fingers at him like she's casting a spell- gotta make sure his powers are in check.

R: -chuckles- I better practice at being a good test dummy then.

A: yeah I don't imagine that would Take much practice. Just gotta stand there and look cute.

R: I don't think cute is really the word for me. I was thinking more like ruggedly sexy. -walks out the door with her in their search for S-

-looks back over her shoulder at him and laughs- u! Ruggedly sexy?! -turns and reaches over and pinches his cheek- you're lucky enough I called u cute!
R: -rubs his cheek and gives her an irritated look- watch those stick fingers. -looks around when they are outside- I don't the rodent. Maybe he went to gather acorns with his brothers.

A: -shrugs and yawns- oh well, guess we can just go back inside. I'm sure he'll pop up when he's ready or something. But right now I'm beat, today has had a lot of excitement

R: -holds his fist up proudly- it was a great practice day. Nothin like taking out bandits to keep your sword sharp. -turns back to the house-
S: -hops down from the tree onto roels shoulder, surprising him a little- we are going back to the shrine tomorrow so you better get plenty of sleep. I don't want you passing out again half way there.
R: -looks at him annoyed- where have you been? And don't give me that shit. I had been walking your ass to that cave all day. If I need a break you just shut up and wait for me.
S: I don't have time to wait on weak humans. -jumps down before Roel can smacks him and heads to the hut and looks back bored- and where I go is none of your business. -trots inside-
R: -glares after him- ungrateful little prick.

J: -catches up to them from wherever she was and gently bumps into roel- don't they have to be a challenge to be any practice o great swordsman~ -walks into the hut-
A: -whines- I was out for most the fighting

R: hm that's true. They were really easy. -follows her- yeah what happened to you a?
S: -sitting on the table-

A: -shrugs- I pass out when there's too much excitement going on. And ur little friend was doing some crazyyy stuff!
J: -stops at the table a moment and reaches over and scratches shaheens head-

S: -glances at her then looks at A- it was called saving your human butt.
R: -laughs- he was just worried about you.

A: -laughs- well hey now, I didn't say I wasn't grateful. Thank u oh great shaheen~~ so are y'all sleeping here for the night?

R: Might as well. Better then sleeping on the floor.
S: -hops up on some furniture and lays down, glancing down at them- If we must.

J: I'll go get u a couple of blankets. -goes into her room to grab some things-
A: u might wanna sleep with one eye open roel. Grandma is a night owl.

R: -looks nervously at the old lady- haha thanks for the warning.

Gma: -smiles and waves her hand at him- Dont worry. Not tonight. I can't handle anymore excitement. -trots off to her bedroom-
A: I'm going to go over and sleep at my family's house. Dont you guys leave for the temple without me in the morning! -heads back towards the door and flashes a flirty smile at Roel- See you tomorrow

R: -smiles back- don't miss me tonight.

J: -comes back with a stack of blankets and a pillow and offers them to roel- here. Do u need anything else?

R: besides a warm woman beside me? Nah. -takes the stuff and lays it out and plops down- if you get lonely tonight you know where to find me. -wink-

J: -blushes slightly and frowns- I think you missed your chance for all that as soon as arianna left.

R: I'd be happy with either of y'all. -smiles-

J: -rolls her eyes and looks down at Shaheen and nods and heads to her room and lays down and sleeps I guess!-

R: -rolls over and hugs his pillow, snuggling up to it-
S: -snugging with J-

J: -wakes up the next morning and groans and stretches and turns to shaheen and nudges his shoulder- wake up

S: -looks up sleepily then yawns and stretches his back. Stands and hops down from the bed- Good Dawn.

J: -Gets ready quickly and goes into the living room - Roel, are you awake?

R: -buried under the blanket, sits up groggily when he hears her- w-what?
S: -cleaning himself by wadding in a bowl of water- Your knight has awaken. -mockingly-

J: -looks over at him and laughs- Not a morning person?

R: -mumbles and untangles himself from the blanket. stretches then reaches down and pulls his shirt on and picks up his belt and sword-
S: -jumps our and grabs a towel, drying his head- It doesn't matter what time it is, he always wakes up like that.

J: -laughs and nods towards him- Well, atleast it doesnt seem like he needs a lot of time to primp himself. That's a plus right?

S: -chuckles- a truly good catch.
R: Hey I can hear you two. -buckles his belt and picks his armor and cape up off the floor-

J: -laughs and looks back over to Roel- This is nothing compared to all the gossip I heard about you last night.

R: gossip! -glares at shaheen- what did you tell her
S: -scoffs- gods do not gossip!

J: -smiles- With a reaction like that a girl might think you're hiding something.

R: what man isn't hiding something? That's what makes us more desirable.

J: Ooh, I didnt realize that that was how it worked.

R: I probably shouldn't be telling you manly secrets. -sits at the table- so whats for breakfast?

J: -shakes her head- I think I'm okay with that? -goes where they keep the food- Tea and fruit is probably all we have.

R: -makes a grossed out face at s- yeah that's fine.
S: no fish?

S: -perks up a little at the thought of swimming then shakes his head- no this is important.
R: damn. Almost had him.
> A: -laughs and shrugs- ill get him next time.
> J: -stands at the ground and fiddles with something while the rest climb down- is it safe to go back there so soon?

R: -shrugs- maybe but weve got places to be girl.
S: -lounging on his shoulder with his head propped in his hand- yes, and I have a body to reclaim.

J: yeah but the bandits....who's to say they won't try again and with more?

R: I'll just kick their asses again then. Don't worry they won't bother you.

J: -pauses and thinks about it a moment and nods- yeah.. Okay -starts off towards the temple then stops- actually you take the lead.

R: -walks past her- you know, most of the time Bandits will attack from the back. So make sure to keep a sharp eye out. -smiles and starts walking casually towards the cave-


R: there's plenty of room up her. -smiles back at her and raising his arm, indicating where she should be-
S: -watches him bored- you are better off with me.

J: -laughs and smirks slightly- sorry, but I'm not that worried. -stays beside him but wanders a little bit closer to him-

R: -lowers his arm- suit yourself. -spots the temple and heads to its entrance-
S: -chilling on j's shoulder-

A: -steps besides roel and gives him a flirtatious smile- you know, you're really just asking the wrong girl. -flips her hair over her shoulder and walks ahead of him to give him a good view-

R: -perks and eye brow and takes advantage of the view. Looks up when he feels a water drop hit his face- damn it's raining.
S: -looks up when is starts pouring-
R: what the hell. Come on, lets get inside.

J: ah! -tries to keep her and shaheens head covered and runs inside the temple-
> A: -gets inside quickly and looks down at her shirt and whines- ahh I'm all soaked now!

R: -runs in and shakes the water off his head- fuck that came out of no where. -notices a and smiles mischievously- looks good
S: -jumps down and shakes likes dog- I think we should hurry. Something doesn't feel right.

A: -looks over at him and laughs and covers her chest with her arm- no more free looks for u.
> J: -glances around and nods- yeah. Where did u two leave off yesterday?

R: -looks away and laughs- scruffy was digging over behind those pillars yesterday. -begins to walk over there when a loud boom like thunder hitting the ground shakes the place. Stumbles from the shock wave and looks towards the entrance- what was that?
S: -perks up suspiciously with the fur on his back raised- something I fear we may not like.

A: -screams and jumps and runs over to roel and leans against him for comfort- what on earth was that!
> J: -jumps at the sound and looks back to the door-

S: -standing near June's feet looking intensely up at the roof- do you feel the electricity in the air.
R: -hand on sword- was that seriously one fucking big thunder bolt?! -hand tightens around a's shoulder

J: -nods- Definitely not just from the storm
A: -looks around the room- I-I think you should go check outside

S: no stay inside.
Thunder: -hits the roof hard, cracking thru to the floor-
R: -blocks the light with his arm and grips a's closer. Feels the floor breaking under his feet and falling to the basement floor-
S: -concentrates really hard and creates a thin layer of air between the flash hit and June. Gets blown to the back of the temple with her-

A: -screams and holds onto him tightly and buries her face in his neck as they fall to the ground. Lays there for a moment recovering from the impact before groaning and groggily looking around the room-
J: (figured they'd have a rough impact too since it was a thin barrier) -falls to her knees after the barrier wears off and holds her head a moment before looking around frantically- shaheen?!

R:-groans and sits up, pushing her up as well- Ow what the fuck was that. -rubs his back and nudges her- Get up, your getting heavy.
S: -laying on the ground knocked out-

A: -sticks her bottom lip out slightly- I was not getting heavy. -sits up on her knees and looks up at the hole that they fell from and frowns- how are we going to get back up there. -tears up slightly- are we going to be stuck down here?!
J: -crawls over to him quickly and picks him up and lays him gently in her lap- hey... Wake up.

R: -looks up and studies the ceiling then looks at her when she freaks out- Whooa! Don't cry. -stands and dusts off- We're not gonna be stuck down here. This seems like a basement floor, so there has to be some way back up. -holds his hand down for her- are you hurt?
S: -mumbles and kicks his feet- I am not yours! -jerks up, huffing and looks around- What happened?

-takes his hand and uses it to pull herself up and wipes her eyes quickly before looking herself over- I don't think so.
(Should she be the one to be hurt? She could have a sprained ankle. Nothing serious)
J: -watches him amused for a moment then shakes her head and points to the beginning of the temple- I'm not quite sure. There was a blast of light and then we ended up here.

R: good -looks away- let's go look for a way up. Just stay close, more of the ceiling might fall on you.
S: are you harmed? -looks her over, unsure what to do-

A: -nods and goes to take a step and winces- ow! -frowns and goes to take another step- ah..! -stumbles slightly and grabs onto his cape to steady herself-
J: -looks over herself and shake her head- no, im good. Are u okay?

R: -grabs her elbow- what's wrong?
S: I am not injured but I fear we won't be if the storm gets to us before we rejoin the other two.

A: -reaches down to rub her ankle- I think I did hurt myself..
J: -nods and looks around to make sure she didn't lose any belongings.

R: -stares at her for a moment, trying to figure a quick solution- do you want on my back?
S: -walks over to the hole and looks down- damn. They must have fallen into and underground cavern.

A: -looks up at him and shrugs- will you be able to hold me?
J: -stands and picks him up and puts him on her shoulder- what's the quickest way down there?'

R: what? Your like a stick. -bends low- now get on.
S: to jump of course. But I'm in no state to be doing that so we will just have to find a staircase down. (Thunder booms loudly outside) and it would be a good idea to hurry.

A: okay -nods and climbs on to his back and wraps her arms around his neck-
J: -jumps slightly when it thunders and hurries through the temple to find the way down-

R: -walks towards the walls searching for an exit- damn. It's getting darker. We won't be able to see much soon-
S: -holding on-
Lightning dude: -walks into the temple followed by thunder- so this is the great temple of the sky rat huh. -kicks at some debris on the ground- it's dirty. Why don't we make this place look a little better? -holds his hand out sending a thunderbolt down to the roof causing the walls to tremble and more stuff to fall-
T: -barks at him (which sounds like another thunderbolt)

A: -sighs and rests her head gently back down on roels shoulder- I really don't think we're going to find them at this rate -sighs deeply and pauses and sniffs his hair- wow, I didn't realize how good u smelled for an adventurer.
> J: -places shaheen on her shoulder and moves over to the painting that thunder destroyed and frowns- this one was my favorite too.
R: what are you talking about. -turns his head trying to smell it- I don't smell anything. -readjusts her- your smelling yourself.
S: - studies it- they made me to short. Gods are much taller then humans in our true forms.

A: -scrunches her nose- yeah except not. -tilts her head down towards him- I smell much sweeter.
J: -glances over at him- oh yeah? Taller than me?

R: -lowers his chin and nestles his nose against her forearm for a brief moment- you smell like fruit.
S: -let's out an odd animal laugh- that's a funny joke.

A: -laughs and the contact and smiles- See, not like a man at all!
That little demon girl: -Chuckles and steps out from the shadows- What is this treachery! A couple out of wedlock canoodling in broad daylight! -looks at how she's riding on his back and scoffs and gestures her hands towards them- And what is this!?! Kama sutra?!?! The bible forbids such things!
J: -laughs and sighs- I bet being a god would be amazing...well except for all the weirdly ending drama...

R: -states confused and a little speechless at the girl then looks up at a- what is karma sutra? Is she putting a spell on us? -reaches down to the hilt of his sword- the only way to break a curse is to kill it.
S: there is no ending to our drama. Especially when it involves goddesses. -stops and listens for a moment- I hear something, let us check over there. -points to a dark area with a half destroyed doorway-

D: -Points at his sword- You leave that be! How dare you draw your sword to a CHILD. I am just a servant of the lord. -clutches her bible to her chest and jumps in the air and hovers in the air with the use of her wings- You should be ashamed, for many things!
J: -Looks over there and nods and starts over there- Was it talking you heard? -starts to pull off rocks and tosses them to the side-

R: -let's go if his sword and sighs- great. Another god fanatic. How can you believe in such bogus stories. -readjusts a again and starts moving on- just ignore the freak.
S: sounded like it. Though I can't vouch for a otters hearing. -hops down and looks or gaps in the rocks that he could slip through-

D: BOGUS?!? The preaching of our lord is anything but -spits the word out- bogus! -chunks her bible at his face-
A: -squeaks and hides her head behind his back and peeks up and chuckles nervously- wow u sure pissed her off.

R: -knocks it away with his arm- hey! Why are you throwing around such a precious book then? What the hell is a little kid like you doing in this cave anyways?

D: -snickers- while I am a servant of The Lord I am still a demon -retracts the book and shoves it into the bag on her hip and gracefully lands down infront of him and walks around them her tail stiffening with interest. Scoffs at ari and pinches her thigh hard- look at this Trollope!!
A: -jerks her leg back slightly and rubs the spot- hey now! -huffs- these clothes are very acceptable for the lifestyle I live
J: -sees a little light trickling through- oh! Here! -starts pulling rocks from the spot-

R: -sets a on her feet and pulls his sword out and points it at the girl- if your a demon then I won't feel to bad about chopping those fingers off. -gives a a side glance- and just what kind of life style are you living?
S: -scurries over and jumps on her shoulder- good. Now grab that rock right there and hit that spot as hard as you can.
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