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 < The lost files >

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PostSubject: < The lost files >   Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:07 am

Lt. Collins: -Enters the room holding a yellow folder by his side. Walks up next to his boss and places the folder on the table in front of him- here are the current test results. In the physical tests she did excellent, rating both faster and stronger than your average woman. And her senses are remarkable. Her intelligence is average, nothing special there. We sent her through one of our tougher training simulations but there are still not signs of her powers awakening. –glances nervously at the screen, hesitating on his next words- I do not mean to question my lord but are you sure about this girl?

Bad guy: -opens the folder and flips through the results while listening to the other man speak- Of course she did excellent. It seems like you’ve forgotten what she is. –shuts the folder and slides it back over to him- She’s not going to develop these powers over night. Don’t be a fool. -stands up and moves over to him- go ahead and cease all tests for now. We can’t have her growing suspicious.

Lt Collins: -Takes the folder off the table and tucks it under his arm and bows his head- Right away my lord. –Turns and leaves the room and head down the hall, he cringes when he hears a voice call at him from down the hall-

Laun: Co~llins! –Jogs to catch up to the man- Hey! What do you go there? –Eye balls the folder, noticing the man’s grip on it tighten- Ah, top secret stuff with my dad? Bo~ring.

Collins: -gives her a tight smile- Dreadfully boring my lady.

Laun: Ew. I told you not to call me that! –Punches him playfully on the arm- So where are you headed?

Collins: -moves a little away from her- I’m actually on my way to inform your teachers to give you a break. Your…father is worried that you are being over worked.

Laun: -pouts- But I’ve been doing to good! Father just doesn’t want me to join his crew.

Collins: -stops in front of his destination and smiles down at her, tapping her nose- That’s exactly what he is worried about. You have a much better future ahead of you then doing that dirty work. Now why don’t you run along and play with someone else. –pats you on the back, pushing you away and going inside the room-

Laun: -Huffs at the door- I’m gonna die from boredom before I get to that great future. –kicks her foot on the ground for a bit then looks up- Guess I’ll go bother Andrews. –Heads down the hall and turns a corner, running into someone. Stumbles back a little- Oh. Sorry!

Bad guy: -Watches him leave the room and goes back to doing his bad guy business-
(for the good guy, I'm debating about like daniel, or dorian for his name. idk might change it. I just like D names atm I guess)

D: -Turns the corner and bumps into laun. Grabs her shoulders to steady her and looks down at her and frowns- You really need to start looking where you're going. -Pulls his hands back and takes a step towards the door and stops and looks over at her, looking her up and down- Are you a new crew member?

Laun: -Stares at him for a moment- Yes! That’s what I am! –laughs nervously- This is actually my first day and I’m afraid I’m lost and I have no idea what I’m doing. Can you help me?

Dorian: -Turns to fully face her and crosses his arms- To help you, I'd have to know what you were actually aiming to do. -nods towards her- Where do u need to be?

Laun: um... -taps her lip in thought- Well I'm suppose to be going into training. Do you know where that facility is?

Dorian: -nods and looks her up and down- Aren't you a bit young to be doing that kind of rigerous training. I know the coaches aren't easy on any of us. -lowers his arms and starts walking down the hallway and motions to her to follow with his finger-

Laun: -catches up and walks next to him. Raises her arms up showing her tiny muscles- No worries. I'm pretty tough. I've passed all my training ex-um...practice with my brother before I joined here. He's really strict.

(( missing part))

L: -sighs and crosses her arms- Why can't I join the crew? I'm already seventeen! Plenty of people come in here and join much younger then that. -gives him pleading eyes- I've passed all my training exercises.

BG: It's still too dangerous. Besides, wouldn't you prefer spending your time visiting the lost arts. -waves his hand- something like knitting

L: Aw knitting. I suck at knitting. Don't you remember the scarf I made you?

BG: -glances off and thinks a moment before nodding- Yes... of course I do. -nudges her towards the rooms- And if it's something you're not good at you should take the time to practice it and become a master. Now run along, and stop with the protesting.

L: -grumbles and leaves down the hall- ((what are we doing with these guys?))

(Missing some more))

BG: -storms off-
Dorian: -crawling through the vents to get to Laun's room. mumbles and coughs from the dust before kicking her vent out and tosses his backpack into her room before climbing out of the vent- god damn, took three hours to find your room.

Laun: -jumps when she hears the vent being kicked out and grabs her chest, calms down when she sees who it is- Omg! A little warning next time! -walks over to him and laughs, reaching up and ruffling the dust out of his hair- What are doing?

Dorian: -frowns when she touches his hair then smiles- What, u mean my cursing all the way down here didnt give u enough warning. -tosses his bag onto the bed and unzips it and pulls out dinner- I could hear Badguy yelling all the way down the hall, heard u werent going to get dinner so I decided 'fuck that'. old school punishments are lame.

L: -laughs- so you don't care much for vent travel huh? -sees the food and smiles brightly- wow! This is great! -hops on the bed- that guy really has a temper sometimes, I guess it hard to run this whole place and deal with me but your right his punishments are really lame and ineffective.

D: -shakes his head- yeah not a fan. But nothin will beat flying -sits on the edge of the bed and looks around- he needs to chill. I only ever hear him yelling

L: Ha ha that's true. He's always lecturing me. – Rolls her eyes – and he won't let me do anything besides some training programs every now and then. And after doing a couple he always wants me to take a break saying 'I'm so worried about you getting tired' – Trying to sound like BG – Ugh! Not 12! – Glares at her shoe for a bit then sighs and looks at him – but thanks for taking me out today. You're really an amazing pilot. I wasn't scared crashing at all.
(I've been writing these is work then using the talk thing on here. It's cool)

(what talk thing? also, Dorian's favorite food is gonna be roast beef)
D: -gets a drink out of his bag and opens it then takes a sip- I know I am. I'm the best pilot you'll ever meet.

L: – Get some of the food and eats it – oh dear. I think you really are too cocky for me to say nice things to you. I will have to remember that.

D: -shakes his head- No, you need to keep giving me compliments. Especially about my flying. I'm like tinkerbell, but the hardcore pilot version. You need to believe in my skills

L: Oh I see. I wouldn't want you to die from my lack of belief. – Grabs his hand and faces him trying to keep a straight face- I do believe in fairies. I do. I do.

D: -looks up at her and scoffs and pushes her away gently by putting his hand on her face- See, now you've given me enough strength to go finish the missions I had earlier. -heads for the vent- Eat your dinner before it gets cold

L: – Laugh and rolls her eyes at the dinner comment – I DAD I'll make sure to clean the plate. - Watches him for a moment before speaking– are you going to take me flying again?

D: -shrugs and glances back at her- I dont know, I think if I took u out again ur dad would beat my ass for real this time.

L: hm I didn't think about that. He'd probably kick you out. Oh we'll. -hops off the bed- maybe he'll actually go on vacation someday. Then you'll owe me a ride.

D: -laughs- Yeah, that'll be the day. Like a parent leaving his high schooler alone. Chaos. Everywhere.

L: hey! For one I am an adult! And I don't cause chaos. It's not my fault all this stuff happens around me.

BG: -Sighs and sets his papers down- Well I think the first part of the prophecy is going to begin. So if things go as they should, she should be showing signs in a fortnight.
D: -crawling around in the vents, stops to listen to them-

LC: What has it been… Eight years since you destroyed her pathetic little planet? Damn, I guess the time has gone by rather fast, but still not fast enough. Who would've thought such a small girl could be such a monster.

BG: It's perfect because who would really suspect such a thing. Tomorrow morning we'll send the NPO a warning message.
LC: Ha ha I didn't even believe This crazy idea in the beginning. But I trusted you old friend. – Stands – And once we use that silly girl to destroy the world, nothing will stand in our way. – Evil laugh then checks his watch – hmm. It's time for dinner.

BG: -nods and waves him away-
D: -listening shock hurridly crawls back to Laun's room and kicks the vent in- You wanna go on another flight?
L: -screams and glares at him, marching over to him- what are you doing? What if I had been changing and you saw? Then I would have had to kick your ass. - grabs her boots and shoves them on- we need to get you a bell.

D: -frowns and grabs her wrist- I'm not interested in seeing you naked. I need to get you out of here
L: – Blushes- I didn't say you where! – Looks at his arm – what are you going on about? I don't mind going flying with you. I mean it's really your butt on the line.

D: -Shakes his head- Not this time, I can't explain, but I have to get you out of here.

L: What are you talking about? You're acting pretty weird

D: -shakes his head- I overheard your dad saying some crazy shit -looks around her room and grabs a bag and throws it at her chest- Pack some clothes quickly

L: um okay... - slowly starts putting some stuff in the bag- Like what kind of stuff?

D: -frowns and grips the wheel and does a sharp turn to try and get away from them- yeah someone is shooting at us!

(Missing part)

L: -screaming during the whole turn, freaking out- I don't like this! Make them stop!
Ship: -chasing after them trying really hard to shoot em-

D: -tries to avoid them for as long as he can before getting a damaging blow- I'm gonna have to land somewhere!

L: -looks out pointing to the only planet around- that's the only place. -looks at him scared- ARE WE GONNA DIE?!
ship: -meteor smacks his wing, gets flung off in the opposite direction, radios in- their landing on ____ planet! I took out their left wing engine! Send troops!

D: -grips the wheel tight and tries to keep the ship steady as they enter the earths atmosphere- I really fucking hope not!
BG: -nods and radios back- roger that

L: -Covering her eyes- I don't wanna die I don't wanna die!
Troops: -all Headed towards the planet-

D: -looks over at her and frowns and reaches over and gives her shoulder a gentle squeeze- we're not going to die

L: -lowers her hand, then gives him a small nod of understanding then looks back outside- we are If you don't keep your hands on the controls!

D: -scoffs- landing this plane is a lot easier than keeping a girl from crying

L: -looks at him stubbornly- I'm not crying! It's just a lot to take in right now!

D: -nods and grips the wheel harder as they get closer to land and skids on the ground and crashes-

L: -slams against the seat belt, holding tight to the arm rests. After they come to a stop she takes a deep breath and looks over at Dorian, quickly unbuckling her seat belt- are you okay?

D: -groans and rolls his head and reaches up and touches his forehead- Fuuuck -looks up at her groggily and waves his hand- I'll be fine..

L: -moves over and unbuckled his seat belt- can you get up?

D: -looks up at her and nods slightly and rests his hand on her shoulder for balance and stands- y-yeah, I"m good.

L: -punches him in the shoulder- that's for putting me through all this jerk! -crosses her arms- but I'm glad your okay.
D: -gasps and grabs his shoulder- tsss...ahhh I'm not okay after that death blow!

L: you think that's a death blow? Next time ill aim at that big head of yours.

D: -reaches over and messes her hair before opening the hatch- we ought to get moving

L: HEY! -quickly attempts to fix her hair while following him- you know they are going to come for us. I don't think your very good at this escaping thing.

D: -frowns and looks back at her- look I'm doing the the best I can. I didn't anticipate my ship getting shot down

L: hey don't frown at me. - moves past him and jumps out the ship- you rescued me so now you have to deal with me. -looks around the place- so where are we?

D: -I think rescuing u should mean I get atleast 30 mins if silence to think

L: oh well since your such a Prince Charming I must respect your wishes. -plops down on the ground and crosses her legs-

D: -looks over at her and frowns- I didn't say we should stop moving though

L: -sighs and stands back up- how about you just call them up and tell them where I am and you just run off. That is a good plan.

D: -looks over and frowns- You going back with them is not an option. Dont pout because I asked for a moment of silence
L: humph! I'm not pouting.-crosses her arms and glares then looks up at the sky, using her hand to block the sun- hey! Are those the spaceships?

D: -glances up and frowns and grabs her wrist and pulls her along quickly- I'm not going to stand around long enough to find out
L: -gets dragged along- is there a town here? Are we gonna hide there. -looking at the sky still-

D: -frowns and gives her a jerk- I need you to keep up with me, Laun! -ducks and pushes away foliage as he picks up his pace-

L: -picks up her pace, keeping up with him-

soliders: -lands and start tracking them-

L: -stumbles a little- we can't run forever! Can't we just find a place to hide?!

D: -frowns- we can't just hide close to the ship! It'll be the first place they check

L: -points over to some mountains?- what about over there?

D: I don't think they'll be anywhere to hide over there. But we can try -turns and heads for the mountains-

L: -looks behind her- I think they've landed already!

D: -runs towards the mountains and stops and looks around them and spots a well hidden cavern and heads towards it-

L: -follows him into the cave then crotches down and listens- this is kinda scary.

D: -frowns and whispers- ur going to have to be silent

L: your getting pretty needy kidnapper. -sighs and rest against the wall, listening for any noise outside-

D: -listen closely for the troops and tenses when he hears them approaching-
T: I don't see anymore foot prints?! Do u?

S2: this is the only place close by to hide. They have to be around here. Keep looking!
L: -inches closer to the entrance debating whether to run or not-

B: -turns slightly and tries to grab at shaheen- what the-?!
A: -holds onto the badguys arm and screams- how is an otter supposed to help me?!
Bandit: -slashes his sword at roel-

L: -glares back at him and listens to the soldiers-

S: -comes close to the cave a moment before turning and heading back-

L: -let's out her breath and crawls over to Dorian, sitting next to him- are we just gonna wait here?

D: -looks over at her and shrugs- I guess so. Atleast until we can confirm they left the planet
L: how are we going to know when they leave? And what about dinner?

D: -looks over at her and frowns- ur life is in danger if we get caught and ur worried about dinner?

L: I'm a growing girl and all this excitement has made me hungry.

D: I'll hunt once the coast is clear -tilts his head back and sighs- I can't believe my ship is destroyed...

L: -rests her elbows on her knees and her chin on we knuckles- that was your ship? I figured it was a company ship.

D: -looks off longingly and shakes his head- no, she was mine. Company ships are too bulky.

L: oh. She was a nice ship. Sorry you broke it cuz of kidnapping me.

D: if u keep saying that ur going to ruin my reputation

L: psh. What reputation?

D: -sighs and looks over at her- u wouldn't understand. U don't have a good one anyways

L: What's bad about my reputation? -looks at him shocked- People love me. -thinks about it for a second- well mostly.

D: -shrugs- sure they do. -stands up- stay here, I'm going to check if they're still here

L: -stands up with him- no way ill come check with you. I'm not staying in the creepy cave

D: -looks back at her- are u scared of the dark or something?

L: dark rooms no. Dark endless caves yes.

D: I'm surprised ur adventurous spirit isn't telling u to explore it

L: yeah it's telling me to explore it in the morning.

D: -shrugs and cautiously heads out towards the mouth of the cave and looks around- I don't see anybody

L: -follows close behind, looking around- and I don't hear anyone... I think they left.

D: -Takes a moment longer to listen- Yeah, I think so too. We should get settled for the night. I really dont know where we're going to go from here.

L: Just my luck to get stuck with a clueless bad guy. -rests her hands behind her neck- So can we make a fire at least?

D: Yeah, we can as soon as u go gather tender.

L: Hey! That's a mans job. I'll guard the cave.

D: please. It's the year 3016. Don't u think that type of attitude is a little idk, old fashioned?

L: it's a part of our culture. You should respect old traditions.

D: well if u wanna talk like that then that means ur my property

L: -blushes a little and scowls- shut up that's just weird! -turns and tries to stomp back into the cave without running into anything-

D: -watches her and laughs- u know I got a flash light

L: what? You couldn't share this information just a little bit earlier? -makes her way back to him and holds her hand out-

D: I figured it was basic info. I mean, it's not like its on the breastplate of my suit or anything

L: basic info? Wouldn't you have used it already then? Ah! Your infuriating!

D: uhh no. Since we were u know...hiding? And besides i thought i were complaining about warmth and not light

L: your just tying to avoid getting fire wood aren't you. Lazy boy.

D: who needs firewood. Did u know getting naked and holding each other produces more warmth

L: -punches him in the face- who would want to do that with you!

D: bah! I was just passing on knowledge! I don't want to see a flat cheated girl like u naked

L: -shock angry face- that is just rude! First off I am perfectly proportioned and secondly you shouldn't be looking any where near here - waves at her chest- didn't your mother ever teach you any manners! -stomps her foot- there is no way I'm staying with such a STUPID boy! -turns and starts yelling for the guards- HELP! COME BACK!

D: -frowns and moves over to her quickly and covers her mouth with his hand and pushes her up against the wall and whispers harshly- hey! Shut ur mouth alright? Don't get so fucking upset because I said u have no tits. Not the end of the world. Going back with ur psycho dad on the other hand is.

L: -shoves him back- they are called breast not fucking tits. And the only psycho I know is you. -turns and heads back into the cave-

D: -Watches her and throws his hands up and mutters before turning the other way and stomping out of the cave to find firewood-

L: -kicks a rock (small one)- stupid boys! -sits down aggressively and glares at the dirt for a moment before sighing- could my father really be trying to hurt me....-shakes her head- no don't listen to a mad mans rambling.

D: -angrily picks tender fairly close to the cave- I'm never going to play hero again. Well... -looks off- maybe for a more delicate and docile girl I would.

Abbilyn: -standing in front of him suddenly and sighs at a little faintly glowing fur ball with bright red eyes hovering on her shoulder- it was just another living Nick. Nothing important. -looks away from Dorian dismissively-

D: -looks up from the branch he just picked up and stares at the girl with his mouth agape and whispers- woah...whaaat the fuck...?

A: -looks at him stunned for a couple minutes- you can see me!? -moves with a jerk, pointing to herself and knocks the little fur ball off-
N: -falls in a puff of smoke on the ground and hops around uselessly a couple times before floating back up to the girls shoulder and states at D-

D: -watches him for a moment carefully and pulls his head back slightly- am I not supposed to? -watches the fluff ball and looks the girl over- I've never see an alien like u before...

A: well normally no living can see me. -walks around him, looking him over- and I'm a ghost, not an alien. -squats down in front of him- hm. At least it's a hot guy who sees me. Wanna date?

D: -watches her as she checks him out- sorry. But I don't believe in ghosts. -looks down at her and laughs- nah I'm already preoccupied with one girl at the moment.

A: poo. -stands and crosses her arms- well it doesn't really matter if you believe in me or not. It's what I am. So. -fades and appears behind him and wraps her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder and looks at him- since your the only living that has ever been able to see me then I'm sticking with you. -winks- girlfriend or not.

D: -jumps slightly when she appears behind him and looks back at her- trust me, what I'm doing isn't interesting at all -gently grabs her hands and pulls them off of him-

A: -steps back and looks off distantly and states with a bored tone- footsteps. Must be the soldiers from earlier returning to their ships. -glances at him with mischievous eyes- I wonder what would happen if they saw you? (Blackmail to go with him, even though she would follow even if he said no. And the soldiers aren't coming back, she just saw then earlier so she knows they are hiding from them.)

D: -stares at her irritated- seriously? You're going to do that to me? Whatever. -picks some more firewood before begrudgingly heading back to the cave-

A: yep. -follows behind him- I'm a ghost. I don't feel guilt. -look sing around the cave then spots Laun floats over and looks her over- I am clearly more impressive. -turns her back to her and floats back over to him-
L: -looks up when she hears him-

D: -looks laun over then glances back at the ghost- well she has the advantage of u know. ... Being alive. -looks down at laun and drops the sticks at her feet- can u start a fire

L: of course I'm alive. Are you getting more wacky on me. -stands and picks the wood up and makes a pile then kneels down and starts working on making a fire-

D: -scoffs- I wasn't talking to u.

L: -gets the fire going a little and throws more twigs on it, leaning back on her hands- What talking to yourself now?
A: -floating around the fire- How did you get stuck with this girl?

-watches her start the fire and narrows his eyes- no I am not. I thought we weren't talking to each other. -watches the ghost closely and waves his hand and turns away to sit opposite of laun and leans against the wall and whispers- we met through a weird turn of events

L: -crosses her arms- that's right! We aren't.
A: so what are y'all doing in a cave hiding from soldiers?

D: -scowls at her and watches the ghost and frowns and mutters- Do you really have to ask me so many questions?

A: -scowls at him- of course! Do I look like I have anything better to do? -goes back over to the fire with Laun and kneels down with her back to him-
N: -staring at him from A's shoulder-
L: -lays down and uses her arm as a pillow-

D: -stares at nick and jerks towards him to intimidate him- go haunt those soldiers so they're too scared to Come back.

N: -still staring at him-
A: nick can't haunt anyone. Humans aren't suppose to see him unless their dead.
L: -turns her head towards him- what?

D: -makes faces at nick then frowns when he notices laun looking at him- what?

L: what are you doing?
A: -giggles at D's faces-

D: -Shakes his head- Nothing. I'm going for a walk. See if there's anything I can salvage from the ship -stands and heads back out of the cave-

L: Wait! -stands and hurries over to him- Your not seriously going to leave me in this cave while you go all the way back there are you!?
A: Hmph! Alone. I could always keep her company.

D: Uh, yeah. That was the plan.

L: -glares at him stubbornly- Well its not gonna go down that way. Your not just gonna leave me and go running off. How am I suppose to know if your gonna come back or not?
A: -leans her arm on D- Your not very good with women huh.

D: -Frowns- As irritating as you are, I'm not just going to leave you behind. Besides, how would I leave this fuckin' place? -glances down at A- She's hardly a woman.

L: -frowns and crosses her arms- I'm still coming with you. and what is that suppose to even mean?
A: -laughs dryly- She probably thinks your crazy.

D: -Roll his eyes and turns and heads out of the cave- Dont worry about it. I dont really want to talk to either of you.

L: -looks around confused at who the other you is, jogs up beside him- Okay what's up with you? You've been acting weird since you went and got wood.

D: -looks over at her- This ghost girl is following me.

L: -gives him a 'you just got weirder' look- A ghost?
A: -huffs-

D: -moves his hands around to describe the scene- Yeah, I was picking up wood right? And I looked up and there was this ghost. And she asked me to be her boyfriend. And I was like, no I can't do that. And she said, okay, well I'll follow you around anyways. -Holds his hand towards A- She's right here.

L: ooooh. -looks over where a is- right. That's totally legit. -shakes her head and grabs his hand pulling him along- now stop telling your weird stories and lets go.
A -beside d- I thought you told that very well.

D: -frowns and lets her pull him along- You know, I'm not a liar. Despite what you must think of me.

L: I didn't say you were a liar. I just don't think I believe you.

D: What point would I even have to make something up like that?

L: I'm not saying your making anything up. Really your to defensive. I'm just saying I don't believe in ghost, but if you do then good for you.

D: -frowns- Yeah, well a lot is going on right now. And I didnt either but there's one like right next to me

L: -looks back and raises an eyebrow- alright.
A: she thinks your crazy. -floats around- I don't think that.

( Missing )

L: -pushes back- alright alright. Don't get mushy on me. -blushes a little-

> D: -smiles slightly and pats her back- I thought girls liked mushy stuff

L: Psh that's corny stuff. -grabs his arm and looks left intently- I hear something.
Rabbit: -hops out of the bushes sniffing then stands and looks up over at them-
L: -grabbing his arm with both hands now whispering- w-what is that?

> D: -pauses and holds his arm out infront of her and crouches slightly - shh... Careful, I think it might be dangerous.. The smallest animals are usually the most fierce

L: -standing behind him watching worriedly- r-really? What do we do?
Rabbit: -staring them down cautiously-

D: I've seen these dudes take out entire Armies. Stand back -Charges after the bunny- Yaaah

Rabbit: -jumps and runs off into the bushes-
L: -watches intently then cheers for him when it runs off- Yay! You got him. -jogs over to him and looks around- man those things can run. Scary.
A: -hovering nearby- She does know that's just a rabbit right?

L: nice job. -laughs and point out into the distant- look. I can see the ship. Lets hurry before anymore of those things show up.
A: don't shush me. -frowns and crosses her arms- like I'm not important.

D: -chuckles- yeah he's probably getting back up. -turns and heads towards the ship and looks to A and mouths the word- sorry?

L: -comes up to wreckage- wow. This is defiantly not fixable.
A: -shrugs- use to it.

D: -frowns and moves over to the ship and sighs and runs his hands along the wing- this really is a shame. -walks around it a moment before climbing up into the cockpit-

L: -watches him and leans on the outside of the ship- does it suck being grounded?

D: yeah, I feel like a bird who just got its wings clipped. -sighs and runs both hands through his hair and looks over the mess- I /might/ be able to salvage her

L: really. She looks pretty dead.
A: -floating through stuff- must have been a bumpy ride.

D: -looks over at her and clutches his chest- it hurts u don't believe in her. -goes through things in the cockpit to find supplies-

L: -rolls her eyes and laughs a little- shut up. So what can I help with? -watches him digging around- do you need any of the scrap metal? -points to pieces of the ship scattered around-
A: -looking the ship over- ah this is a pretty nice ship you have...or had. -glances at all the damage- at least you didn't knock the engine out. -knocks on the hood-

D: -looks down at the metal and nods- it might be helpful. But I'll do that part. U come up here and look for food. -reaches his hand down to her-

L: -takes his head and climbs up- alright, sounds boring but ill do it.
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D: -pulls her up before jumping down- Well, I dont think you could lift even half these scraps

L: I could easily pick those things up. -holds her fist up- like picking up kids blocks.

D: -looks over at her and laughs- really now? Is that what all those training courses were about?

L: -some of them. I've taken all kinds of classes. Which seems pointless since Guy wont let me even join the gang. Totally unfair. -looks off grumpily-

D: -shakes his head and flops her hand at her- you don't want to be a part of that

L: Why not? It's boring just hanging around in your room all day and most of the people there don't really pay me any attention. Classes were the most exciting thing. -chuckles- and messing things up, that was always funny. Did you not like it?

D: no. They all took things too seriously. And a lot of them were just plain weird.

L: Hm. You fit in well then huh? -snickers at him-

D: -scoffs- u would be a more valued member than I could ever be

D: yeah I can see ur plaque now

L: let's not get crazy here. I'll get a raise though.

D: -laughs and nods- yeah okay. -starts dragging the scrap metal around -

L: -wonders off and starts looking for food-
A: -looks between the two then wonders towards Laun-

D: -working working-

D: -puts all the shit onto a larger sheet and ties some rope onto it- lets take this back to the cave and see if we can start a fire or something

L: okay. -reaches out and picks it up with one hand- it's getting creepy around here anyways.

D: a little yeah. Lets just hope the creatures don't come out tonight

L: so should we just drag all this?

D: -nods and grabs one end and nods towards her- you get the other end so that way it'll be easier

L: -grabs her end and looks up and sees what looks to be people coming their way- hey, looks like the the army guys.
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D: -Looks over at them and frowns and drops his hand- Fuck! Really? I thought they were gone -Runs over to her and grabs her hand and pulls her back up towards the cave-

L: whoa! Wait! What about the food? -looks back sadly-
A: where are you guys going! Don't think you can run from me boyfriend! -chasing-

D: it's either food or our immediate death.
Aliens: -creates a shield blocking Dorian and laun from going any further-
D: -smacks into the wall and stumbles back and falls onto his ass-
A: -rise from their hiding places and stand towering before them-

L: -chuckles at him for hitting the wall the looks seriously around- what is this Dor? -watches the aliens carefully-
A: -talks in some weird language about them-
A: -stops when she sees what's happening- whoa! What is this. -hides behind a boulder and whispers loudly at d- are these your friends?

D: -nurses his bloody nose and looks around and frowns and stands up quickly holding up his fists-
A: -observes them for a moment before turning their gaze to the troops and sending out a pulse of power throwing them all back-

L: -sits up, rubbing her head- ow. Jerks. -crawls over to Dorian- what should we do? These guys look dangerous.
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