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 An interesting proposal

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PostSubject: An interesting proposal   Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:57 am

Peace; it's something that's essential for happiness in every kingdom, it's also the reason Kujo now found himself awaiting the arrival of his betrothed. It was a political agreement, like most marriages had become in this day and age but the young boy had willingly obliged. Not because he was interested in the idea of marriage, no,  but because it was just one of the steps in the journey to becoming king.

The Drow race had very strict rules for their future leader, while they weren't as militant and disciplined as their feline counterpart; the ones that would be arriving today, there were still several criteria to be met. As the eldest Kujo had been preparing for the throne for as long as he could remember, and even though this felt as minor step in his journey he was finding it increasingly difficult to steel his nerves.

He was after all only fifteen with not much of an interest in girls and he understood that situation was strictly political, but  that didn't mean he wanted her to dislike him. He had plenty to offer a girl. Passionate discussions of battle plans, invigorating sparring matches with his cherished scimitars, and even possibly working out future trade agreements. Yes, he had plenty to offer his future wife and his chest swelled with pride as he considered what a prize a young man like him must be.  

His thoughts were interrupted though when his younger brother, Kinichi,  sprinted from the opposite end of the hallway towards him "Kujo!" he cried as he made his way to stand before his older brother. "The guards say that the carriage has finally made an appearance! they should be crossing the bridge now." Kinichi beamed up at him and shoved his silvery white hair away from his eyes "Do you think that she'll have ears atop her head, or will she have ears like a human? Do you think that perhaps she might have a tail?" The young boy continued to prattle off questions to which Kujo had no answer for.

"I don't know." Kujo finally said, he hadn't given much thought to the girl's appearance and he didn't really care, not until this point anyways. He paused in his steps to consider what she might look like. However she looked it would be unnatural he decided. Her skin would most likely be fair, unlike his own. The thing that made the drow race so distinct from the other races of elves was their obsidian skin and the shockingly stark contrast of their silvery white hair.

Kujo turned to frown at his younger brother who had stopped right along beside him, why had he chosen to bring up such a topic? Now Kujo worried what the princess might think of his appearance. He wasn't disfigured or anything. He might be a little short for his age, perhaps a little lanky but he was still growing. Plus he had some semblance of muscles developing in his arms and chest, that might impress her.

The carriage that the princess was to arrive in was finally nearing it's destination, it heaved and jerked as it made it's way to the edge of the forest and towards the rockier terrain of the mountain kingdom. Inside, Imani a woman appointed to be the princess' lady in waiting while she stayed in the castle gently tugged away the curtain from the window, she was pleased to see the progress they had made since she last peered outside. Her deep blue eyes sparkled "Look princess," she urged "we are almost to your future home." She regarded the view a moment longer before leaning back in her seat and allowing the girl to take a look. The child across from her had been a surprisingly well behaved travel companion and Imani didn't understand why it had been so hard for the queen to find a willing escort for her. Most drows didn't agree to the peaceful merging of the kingdoms, but Imani, who was an older woman had lost children in the senseless fighting that continued on. So when the queen had approached her she did not hesitate to accept her role in what she hoped would bring peace to the two warring countries.

"Isn't it lovely?" She asked, outside the scenery was changing drastically from what it had been for the past few weeks. The large trees of the forest finally thinned out and gave way to open land and a great snow capped mountain sat before them. A large bridge lead it's way up to the mountain, made from thick grey stone it was wide enough to accommodate the carriage and her mounted guard as they approached the castle. Underneath a roaring river bubbled to an unknown destination. To an outsider a mountain may not seem like the most welcoming place to make a home, but to a drow there was nothing better.

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PostSubject: Re: An interesting proposal   Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:44 am

The roads were covered in the interwoven roots of the Ogham trees. With pealing bark and thick twisted leafs, the almost black trees seemed to move when seen through the window. Carriage wheels bumped along the roots making the padded seats inside feel like sitting on planks of wood. Sungura shifted uncomfortably, she would have preferred to have her own Lioness to ride, but her station forced her inside a yarn ball that had a hobby of suffocating its occupants. She hid her grimace as she turned to look outside.

The mention of arriving at her new home made the vast and breathtaking walls of the mountainside seem like dull slabs of grey rock. Her tongue felt dry as she said, “It’s time then.” Imani nodded her head and bent to retrieve a box located under the seats. Pulling it out and unclasping the front, Imani opened and presented the wooden box to the princess. Pulling the red velvet cloth off to reveal a white mask carve of ivory, the cut was thin making it appear fragile. Sungura picked the mask up and placed it to her face, turning her head so Imani could tie the thin red strips of cloth. The front of the mask painted in many colors to resemble a lioness.

Kajar was a new kingdom. Only a few generations ago it had been nothing but a bunch of tribes, fighting over land and food. It had been custom to marry off brides to create peace and allies between tribes. They would mask the bride with her breed and send her off to be seen first by her new husband as he lifted the mask during the wedding. Her father was all about embracing a new and better Kajar, which involved a bond with the Drow. Keeping with outdated wedding traditions would make the common happy, he said, and that was what was most important in creating peace among his people.

The carriage steadied out as its wheels rolled onto the wooden bridge stretched over the canyon. It connected the forest to the opening carved artfully out of the mountain. Two men stood guard at the entrance, Sungura closed the curtains to her window, she wanted to prolong her presentation to the Drow for as long as possible. Even with the smooth rock under the carriage wheels, Sungura could not sit still in her seat during the rest of the ride.


Nerium stood alongside other nobles and high ranked, standing together as the welcoming committee for the Princess’ arrival. A young boy ran up to announce the carriages arrival on the bridge, he stood waiting as she pulled a silver coin out of her bag and tossed it to him. Her thin piercing eyes sent him running off with his pay. She had wanted to be prepared. She noticed everyone straighten and adjust, readying themselves for their fantasied future queen.

She looked back at Narlross, the leader of the palace guard a man who had built his way up to his station, his silver eyes where already on her. They stayed this way for a breath before Nerium turned her pointed gaze towards the decelerating group of Kajar.

At the lead was a man riding an enormous lion, it stepped with a swag of arrogance, mirroring the hazel eyes that peered from under a decorated helm as they pulled up and past the group, followed by a handful more Kajar, all mounted on giant lions. In the center of the group was a carriage pulled by lions. It rolled to a stop before Nerium. The guard that had lead the pack dismounted and moved to the carriage. He removed his helm, presenting a mane of dark hair and a light brown face, he reached out and opened the small door. Nerium noted the glisten in his eyes as he laid eyes on his princess, a few more Kajar dismounted and stood around the carriage, servants came to stand by the lions, brushing at their manes. One of the lions tossed its head in irritation and let out a warning growl, jowls pulled back to reveal thick teeth. She wondered how controlled these animals were. Had the Kajar never heard of horses, they could have at least leashed the beasts.

Princess Sungura stepped out of the small opening, she held herself straight, her layered robes didn’t seem to hinder her movements as she walked gracefully to stand before them. Nerium was surprised at seeing the mask, her eyes widened for a brief moment as she gained control of herself. The mask looked savage with its strikes of multi colors. The princess was young but tall, standing easily over Nerum.

Nerium smiled and stepped forward, “My name is Nerium, we have come to escort you to the palace. If you will follow, I will show you to your room to clean up.” She wanted to rush on before others got a chance to introduce themselves.

The painted mask stayed still in its gaze towards Nerium, the emerald eyes underneath search each of the Drow before her. Taking each of them in before fixing straight. She took a step.

“Do Drows not properly greet their guests?” The lead guard was snarky as he came to stand behind his princess. His glare matching Nerium’s. “The Prince sen-“

“Kiburi!” Sungura snapped behind her mask, the large man lowered his eyes and stepped back, instantly tamed in stature but his eyes burned the ground. “You may lead the way Nerium.”

The princess took lead instantly, Nerium had to bite her lip at having her job stolen, the girl didn’t even know the place but she had a natural way of getting people to do what she wanted. Luggage unpacked she had even managed to make a few of the Drow from the party help. Narlross walked past the pair with a sour face, he carried one of the princess’ personal bags on his shoulder and another tucked under his arm.

Nerium tried to object, there were servants for this type of thing but she was interjected again. It was by an older woman this time, one of the Princess’ hand maidens, who informed her that it was best to just let the princess have her way. They said it in a soothing voice which caused Nerium’s eyes to widen once again. They didn’t narrow again till the doors of the Princess’ rooms were closed behind her, bossy voice turning to her maids.

“Inform the prince of that his bride is here!” Nerium snapped as she straightened her clothes, she stopped off before another word. Narlross til a few more people had left before he followed after her.

Ogham: The black trees that are located between the Kajar and Drow.

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An interesting proposal
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