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 Shit and stuff

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PostSubject: Shit and stuff   Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:20 am

Why does Seth have black wings? Is he the only one?
I see his black wings as being a punishment to those angels who have wronged in some way. An idea I had is that an angel breaks some rule and their wings are stripped of the purity, or the white color that represents good and right and turned black as a sign of their wrong or their evil actions. I haven’t decided if their memories of their life as an angel should be taken to prevent that action happening again, by removing any desires, or if they remember because taking the memory away would therefore take the punishment aspect away. But pure angels will view them as dirty and look down on them as not worthy which could replace the lost punishment or enhance it if they do remember their crimes.

What if the reason his wings were turned black were because of Old Rika (I dont have a name for who she's been reincarnated from yet lol )? Like what their relationship may it be good or bad is what changed his wings. It doesn't have to be that they were in love or something, like maybe she was even trying to kill him or she betrayed him in some way and they changed his wings because he was dumb for not seeing it coming. Or it could be something totally unrelated. Who decides that they're crimes. What is the hierarchy?  

How does the reaper system work?
This is a difficult question because you have to take in the amount of death there is in the world every second. Having one reaper would be impossible unless he is simply portraying a part of him everywhere that he needs to be and this would make him essentially a god, which is not something that I see him as. I see him as a being doing his job, as someone ruled over and having no control or choice in what he is and what he has to do. As is already shown in the beginning parts of the note, he gets these headaches and blurred visions, pulling on his mind, when a human dies and he tries to resist or prolong the time he has to move to that person the symptoms get worse and worse.

Found this online: "If 232,876 people die every day (on average), then how many people die per second? Well, 232,876 divided by 24 hours = 9,703 people die every hour. 9,703 divided by 60 minutes = 161 people die every minute. 161 divided by 60 seconds = 2.6 (we'll say 2) people die every second." I definitely think there should just be a set group of reapers cause you already stated there was like a shift and things like that. But does he still get the headaches when he's not working? or does it only happen when it's his shift. Do all angels that have the reaper position have black wings? Maybe their punishment is to be reapers. If so how do the other angels with black view other angels with black wings? Is there a sense of camaraderie or do they all become hermits for ease.  

Do humans die only because of god and the angel’s powers, let’s say dictatorship? Would they be immortal without these beings interference in their lives? If so why would they be doing that? Are they gaining something?
Maybe human souls are used as a type of power source for something. Maybe they are presenting themselves as something good but are actual beings that are stealing the souls and taking them from wherever they are supposed to be. Example: Maybe the souls of man and animals are all returned to the earth or reborn into something, kept in the cycle of nature, but these beings found that they could steal and harness these souls for something. What would this imply towards the health of the world? Would it be slowly dying without the cycle of life and death?

I dont think the angels should be gaining something. I feel the using the souls for another purpose is like too monster's inc-ish. I think just without a reaper maybe the soul will be lost in limbo so essentially a ghost. Or if the soul/person was supposed to go to heaven they need the reaper to show them. Like I don't quite remember how they did it on dead like me but the reaper would take the soul and convince it to go to heaven and the person would imagine like a specific pathway which they would go through and then the reaper would go about their way. But if they take them to heaven would there also be an alternative for people going to hell?

He is not human but he does things like watch tv and lounge on the couch and live in a house in the human world. This could be showing how he doesn't view humanity as lesser beings or maybe his interest in them. Something I could see as being forbidden. He has human traits. Maybe he is subconsciously connecting himself to them by doing this. As if he envies their existence or maybe that he wants to have that life. This could show maybe that he wants a co-existence?

Are there any human traits that he finds silly or redundant? Do humans ever do anything that he finds annoying?

Who is god in this story?
Do I see him as the Christians? This all powerful being that created man and the world, who has complete control of our souls, or is he and the angels simply a different specials, like aliens for example, and they are like a government deciding that it is their job to rule over and dictate earth on an unseen level. Maybe he is an angel himself and the angels that come to earth are like his army or his foot soldiers.

While I think that it's good to know this, how big of a part of the story do we want it to be?

If I go with this idea of...aliens, I'll call them for simplicity, then how would their government or ruler ship be? Is he a tyrant? How did he come into the power? Maybe it can be a counsel like the vulcans from star trek. A group who decides together. or maybe as an all powerful ruler on one angel, or whatever they are to be called, he has some great power he came upon to control the others. This will be the question are they all bad? Do all the brings believe that humans are lesser or only parts of them?

Who is Cronos?
Is he Seth's step brother? Do these beings have parents or are they created, think of superman and how they had to make their people.

Is he even human
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Shit and stuff
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