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 Yorick Antony

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PostSubject: Yorick Antony   Mon May 25, 2015 9:32 pm

Name: Yorick Antony
Nickname: Yogi, Carrot-top (Dorian)
Gender: Male
Hair/eyes: Light orange brown (both)
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 140
Body Type: Lanky
Family: Mother is Greek, she picked their names. All the children dislike their names, except Beatrice who is too young to care, and go by other names.
• Beatrice- Youngest child age 4, everyone calls he bee or bumblebee.
• Capulet- Second youngest age 10, nickname Cappy.
• Helen- Third youngest age 15, doesn’t like her name, wants to be called Hailey.
• Paulina-second oldest age 18, Also hates her name, goes by Lina
• Pathos- Oldest age 23, Nickname, Pat
School: good grades
School activities: Vice president of class council, meetings twice a week, was also in his middle school student council
Cason: Had a deal with him to help get June.
June: love interest
Likes: being on time (because of his parents)
Dislikes: Puzzles
Laun: Thinks she's sleeping with Dorian
Dorian: thinks he's launs secret lover, who knows why they havent started dating.
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Yorick Antony
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