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 Lionfart Family

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PostSubject: Lionfart Family   Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:59 am

Lenny Eklund
Nickname: Bunny. Prefers her nickname over her actual name.
Age: 22
DOB: August 10th
Birthplace: Dickinson, North Dakota
Current Address: 17 south Gold Peak ln. Apt 14D
Brief Description of Home: Renting a loft in a nice apartment building. Warm color pallets. Yellows, orange, blue, greens, and browns. Has an open kitchen with brick walls? High end appliances. She loves it. No roommates.
Pets: Maybe a cat.
Current Occupation: Works for Kujo. Also does Modeling gigs.
Does he/she drive: Has her license but doesn’t like driving.
Previous Significant others: Coming soon….
Height: 6ft
Weight: 138.6 lbs. 63 Kilos
Race: Swedish Ancestry
Skin tone: Sun-Tanned golden
Color: Golden Yellow Texture: Straight, will wave when wet. Condition: Healthy, Smooth, Shiny Volume: Thick Cut: Mullet with a right bang swoop
Color: Green with a golden ring around the pupil Shape: Round Almond shaped eyes, long lashes.
Face Description: Square face, dominate cheek bones with a strong jaw. Soft pink full lips, slightly                   upturned nose. Freckles on her nose and cheeks. Not prominent.  
Body type: Mesomorph (Muscular. Young Demi Moore)
Body Shape: Rectangle, Ruler, Slender, Banana shape. Your classic supermodel
Body Dimensions: 36-26-36 inches, bra size 34B
How does she dress: Very trendy. Will sometimes get to keep the clothing from shoots.
Dress to be noticed?: Dresses up because she loves wearing beautiful clothing and pairing things together. The attention is nice but not sought.
Allergies: Food: Caraway (Spice) slight throat swelling and sometimes a rash if she has ingested a lot. Ant bites, worst than the spice, difficulty breathing, bad rashes near bites.
Mental Attributes: Tends to run more by emotions
Personality Attributes: Childish, Stubborn
Primary Objective: Become a model so she can prove her independence to her father. Plus, she loves clothes.
Secondary Objective: Survive her Job at Kujo’s company long enough to accomplish her dream.
Motivation: Independence. To prove herself.
Accomplishments: Graduated from all private schools with great grades. Finished her General Associate's in a top college.
Self-Confidence: Outwardly high, but has your normal insecurities. Can be inwardly hard on herself.
Traumas: Mother passed away when she was two, not a big trauma since she was sups young when it happened.
Afflictions: Her current Job. Modeling jobs could be at any time and it’s hard to schedule good shots around a weekly mon-fri job. Now with weekend trips to take training classes.
Embarrassments: Thinks her feet are big. (size 10)
Nightmare: She’ll be kidnapped and married off to one of her dad’s business friend’s son. Will always be under the thumb of either her father or brother. (Rahvin is already trying to take over)
Soothers: Wearing amazing clothes, tea with honey, warm flavors/smells.
Instigators: Rahvin, Her father. Kujo, since he has some control in her job.
Desires: Control of her own life and accomplishing something.
Confidantes: (I totally want to make this an unwilling Kujo. Like she traps him in an elevator with TMI) Seb, Rahvin’s friend, not with everything but he has always listened and gave good advice.
Soft Spots: Kittens,
Quirk: Camera Shy. Hates taking pictures but loves wearing amazing clothing.
Dominant Hand: Right. Can draw a really good Hobbs head with her left but not much else.
Autograph: Girly along with heart above I’s. Unless it’s important then it’s classier with less swooping and plain dots.
IQ: Pretty smart, not brilliant just well taught.
Memory: Good
Phobias: Deep water, or really dark water.
Savvies: Runway walk. Decorating. Dressing herself.
Ineptitudes: Currently typing.
Hobbies: Polyvore, Tumblr, Bubble witch.
Pet Peeves/dislikes: Dirty microwaves. The sound of Pool balls hitting, most bars.
Morality: Noble to help, will donate to charities and has done some volunteer work, mostly to feed families.
Taboos: PJ’s out of the house.
Outlook on life: exciting. It’s all a circle of life, Kumbaya.
Animal: Lioness.
Element: light
Love: Would have to be someone who would be able to stand their ground against the alpha males in her family.
Sick/injured: tends to make injuries worse because she can't sit still long enough to heal
((Maybe she can improve the luxury department, or comfort, customer care stuff. She could be really good with negotiation/mediator)

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PostSubject: Rahvin Eklund   Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:03 am

Age: 3
Birthday/sign: July 24th, Leo
General Physical Description: Pale blond undercut, soft mint green eyes. 5'11" 195lbs
Occupation and skills: Works at the family business.
Dress style: Suits mostly, not tie, leaves the first few buttons loose. More of a slack professionals look.
Any goals or objectives:

Eldest sibling
Green eyes. a muddled clear color. Color of a green sweet tart.

Has a masters in business. Graduated and dove straight into tr
Is a partner in his fathers business, soon to take over when he finally retires. Owns one of the distillery branches. Also takes on a lot of his fathers roles outside of work.

Model: Mathias Lauridsen

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Posts : 678
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Age : 28

PostSubject: The Father and Mother   Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:18 am

Erik Eklund and Claire sweetwater.
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PostSubject: Re: Lionfart Family   

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Lionfart Family
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