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 Plot ideas- Story line

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PostSubject: Plot ideas- Story line   Wed Jul 15, 2015 4:18 am

Old posts- plot general
They meet in the temple the girls get attacked by bandits, Roel and Shaheen show up and defeat the bandits. The girls took the boys back to the village for dinner and thanks and the next morning they return to the temple. While exploring the temple, Marduke the thunder god attacks them and he causes damage to the temple which separates them into two groups. They reunite and while attempting to leave the temple they’re attacked again by Marduke who kidnaps June and taunts Shaheen w/the fact that June is in possession of his statue piece. He takes her to a temple on top of a mountain, when Shaheen and Roel go to fight him, obviously unmatched Marina, Shaheen’s ex-lover steps in and distracts Marduke enough to discourage Marduke from attempting any more at this moment. They get June and she tells them about the piece and then they begin their journey to the next town.

In this town there’s a woman with a small family w/a desire for money, power and beauty. The wife is in possession of one of Shaheen’s shards and with it she has the freedom to transform into a werewolf. With this power she uses it to terrorize the village that she lives in and she tells the villagers that if they offer money then they can drive the beast out of the village. Their little girl is always looking for swordsmen to find and kill the beast because it’s begun terrorizing her personally; since the mother is losing herself. She stumbles upon Roel and asks him to help they might deny maybe one night while the werewolf is prowling through the streets, Shaheen could sense the shard and run to the inn’s window and be like, it has something. So they agree to help the little girl. They stay in the girl’s home and investigate the house.

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PostSubject: Re: Plot ideas- Story line   Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:49 pm

After this do you want to do something more light hearted?
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Plot ideas- Story line
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