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 Why did I make a character limit on these things

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PostSubject: Why did I make a character limit on these things   Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:03 am

No ideas for these kids

Did you want Peach and Drexel to become official and she ends up cheating on him regularly with Rowan or did you want something else. If she cheats it would be good drama because someone could find out.

There was also the idea of Peach and Rowan hooking up at the party but him being so drunk that he doesn't know who it was and thinking it was like her sister or some random girl.

Then he would brag about it, although I don't see him bragging? But maybe someone else could bring it up and tell him about it. I don't know if the person should tell him it was Peach or just tell him it was some random girl. But even when drunk I don't know why he would forget a hook up. So the person could tell him he saw peach leaving the room or something.

I don't know where it would go from there.

I was thinking about making Peach the school's mascot cause then she'd be at games and it would be a reason for her and Drexel to know each other and to hang out.

Also we should have them do high school things like pep rallys and bon fires and school plays. Maybe not be in them but definitely attend.
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Why did I make a character limit on these things
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