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 The Kajar

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PostSubject: The Kajar   Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:49 am

Kajar Kingdom

My image of where things are located from the Kajar Kingdom. North-west leads to the drow. East to the desert, South to the ocean/beach. West can also lead to the ocean but there are cliffs that drop off into rocky waves.

Six tribes: lion (Ljón), Tiger (Tígrisdýr), Leopard (Hlébarði), Panther (Pardusdýr), Snow Leopard (Snjódyrið), Cheetah (Blettatígur)

The Sultan's Hand (Hönd Konungs), consisting of the five tribes not holding the crown

Snow leopards are the only breed with magic. Positions in government: Vizier to the sultan, and each hand has a snow leopard.
They use Aboriginal magic. Medicineman/woman or  a Shaman.

Guard system:
Sultan; 9 guards.
Sultana; 3 guards
Prince; 6 guards
other siblings only have 1-2 guards. Bunny is sent with 15 guards
Castle/city guards: lots
other soldiers are spread amount tribe leaders and villages.

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The Kajar
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