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 Non Royal Chars - Kajar

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PostSubject: Non Royal Chars - Kajar   Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:04 pm

Kiburi:Yellow Leopard. The guard that’s in love with Bunny. Medium hair, he pulls in into a pony tail when he trains. Yellow eyes and pale yellow hair. Will use the Princess' nickname Bunny around Kujo and Kinichi. Doesn't like the princes being alone with Drows. Thinks they are treacherous.

Shamira: Panther. Dark brown skin, black eyes and short cropped hair. Serious about her job. Serve and protect her princess. Can be ruthless. Looks up to Roscoe. Loves the princess because she's pretty (The childish kind of princess love). Rough, more like the men. Makes inappropriate jokes at times.
Inspiration for this character could be Aviendha mixed with birgitte

Kamala:Snow leopard. A Medicine-woman sent with Sungura. Skilled in healing magic mostly, potions, stone magic. Has a servant of her own and will always have a fire burning within her room or study. Can make the jewels that suppress Kajar's transformations.
I wanna make her end up being a secret shaman. Trained in soul magic and bone readings. Or such. Strict hard woman.

Sabihn: Red hair and golden skinned. Lion. One of her brother's guards. Admires the princess. A good man who wishes an end to the war but is saddened that Bunny has to sacrifice her happiness for it. Also feels for Bunny but he knows his place and his duty. Similar to Daario's and Daenerys.

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PostSubject: Re: Non Royal Chars - Kajar   Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:42 am

Roscoe - Bunny's personal guard from when she was a baby. Friend with the king (?) Friendly but stoic with other people. Warm towards bunny, always a baby in his eyes. Very protective.
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Non Royal Chars - Kajar
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